Monday, August 13, 2012

#flipclass chat 8/13/12 - Engaging Students

Okay, seriously one of the best #flipclass chats in a while!  Not only was it full of my favorite tweeps (welcome back everyone!!), but the ideas, sharing, collaboration, and encouragement was at an all time high.  Well stated here: 

The easiest way to blog and reflect about the #flipclass chat is to just put some screenshots of my favorite tweets... so here we go!

This is how I try to make my videos engaging for students.  I try to have times for them to participate with me, to say things with me (and many of them tell me they do, with weird looks from those around them!), etc.  I think giving them guided notes via my SSS packets is ESSENTIAL.  It helps them to organize their learning and follow along... which means they can stay focused for longer!  I have several times in each video when I ask them to pause it and try it.  I took a clip from "Beat it" by Michael Jackson (like 2 seconds) and have it play "Beat it, Just Beat it!" while an annotation comes up saying "Pause it! Just Try it!".   Processing activity afterwards is super important in keeping the students engaged with the content.  I do this via my WSQ.

This is on my wish list.  When time decides to arrive in my life again. :/

I would like to do this more often this year as well... get them "excited" for what they will be watching that night!

Intrigue + Interest = automatic engagement. Not forced. True learning.

My last comment (tweet right above) summarizes my thoughts on this. I really hope I do a good job of making this point this next year. 
Shameless Plug :)

I love the question WHY. I care so much less about the right answer and so much more about the process and WHY.  Which, as I learn more about common core, seems to be where we are heading as a whole.  It isn't easy to get students to do it automatically at first, but I'm finding that students come along, as long as you keep your expectations for what you want from them consistent.

I start school a week from Wednesday and I need to remember this every day!!! I must model. I must teach them HOW to watch a video for learning and not entertainment.  I think I have said that in the last 5 blog posts (exaggeration), but I can't emphasize it enough and I hope it sticks at the top of my brain :)

I really think it is our job to teach our students how to be learners.  "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime". Same thing applies to learning. 

I think many teachers these days still think that entertaining = engaging.  It is SO NOT TRUE! I have a chart right next to my computer at school (well it was last year, now it is in a box. but i will find it soon :)) that describes the difference between an engaged student and an entertained student.  When I find it I will post it here.

edit/side note: My comment was a generalization, and I know it doesn't apply to everyone...  Even before I flipped my class, I was not a fan of games. It's just not my style because I don't feel like entertaining the kids is the best use of their time with me (when learning doesn't really happen).  Do I want them to enjoy class? Yes. But i want that enjoyment to come because they are engaged in the learning and not because they are sitting back, relaxing, playing BINGO.

(If you want to see KIRCH, see the previous blog post/video). I'm very happy with what I've put together in the last few years as far as expectations goes.

I think this is an important point to make.  Some students can't handle the high expectations (or the thought of them).  But if you emphasize the high level of support, they can feel like they can succeed... and you keep the bar high as that occurs.

So here's the blog post :)


  1. Sadly I was a lurker on the wall tonight, but you are right it was a great #flippclass. I can relate to the concept of entertained vs. engaged. I have put in a lot of time this summer to organize, create, plan, etc. but I think my biggest challenge flipping this year will be teaching students to engage each day. Teaching seems like the wrong word, more like guiiding, motivating or something like that...I have been pondering the challenge for weeks so I was thankful for tonight. It is a great challenge and modeling the skill and behavior is number one on my list. Thank you for sharing, as usual.

  2. Thanks Crystal. This was like reading the Reader's Digest version of the flipchat.

  3. Thanks for the readers digest form of the flipclass chat. I wasn't able to make it last week. Very encouraging to think about the new year coming so soon.


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