Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amazing things with Google Forms! (VLOOKUP)

This tutorial is the first of two parts and covers how to use the VLOOKUP feature of Google Docs.

The second part will cover the IMPORTRANGE feature of Google Docs. CLICK HERE.

I utilize the VLOOKUP feature in my Flipped Classroom to help organize the submissions of Online WSQs.

In the past, I would have to sort through all the WSQ submissions and try to figure out who had submitted it and who hadn't.  It was a pain in the butt and took a ton of my time!

Then... here comes the power of Twitter!  I made a quick screencast of the problem and what I wanted to be able to do and tweeted it out.  That afternoon, I heard back from an amazing new "tweep" who worked on a formula and taught me how to use it via Google+ Hangout.

Since then, I have now applied this formula to well over 25 spreadsheets and am excited to use it once school begins.

The VLOOKUP feature can be used for more than what I show below, but this will show you the basics of what the formula includes, what the pieces mean, and conceptually what is actually happening.

Feel free to leave comments on my blog (I've blocked comments on the YT video itself) if something is confusing.  It makes sense to me because I've been playing around with it for a month or so... if it's not clear, please let me know!


  1. Crystal, thanks for doing these videos about Google forms and how to format the results. I used a Google form for video feedback from my students, and it was complicated with only a few students. This will help a ton! Always looking for better ways to see the results from Google forms. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Nick,
      No problem... When I found out about all these cool features, I was so excited. They are such a time saver! I'm glad you find them useful as well :)

  2. Thanks for the VLOOKUP Post and this one. This is a really powerful feature of excel. I knew there was something that I could use to check off responses for me quickly, and get right to working with my kids. This saves me so much precious time in my prep to do more productive things than check off assignments. I like the color code idea as well! Great post with great ideas.

  3. Hey Crystal,

    Thanks so much for these instructions! I am presenting about Google Docs tonight at Global Math and I would love to share this post. Do you mind? Also, if you are available it would be great if you could come so people could ask you questions at the end. :) It's 9pm EST tonight

    Thanks so much!
    Julie Reulbach

    1. Hi Julie,

      You are more than welcome to share this post - I've found it to be such a helpful tool! Unfortunately I won't be home at that time tonight (I'm PST), but please feel free to send any questions you think I can answer my way and I can do my best to answer them later this evening or tomorrow.

      Have a great time tonight!



  4. Thank you Crystal for the VLOOKUP vid! Years after you made this, it's still helping people- ME! I work in IT for a school district in Illinois. We get in hundreds of Chromebooks (and they just keep coming and coming...). By using the VLOOKUP command and workbooks created out of an export from Google Admin side and my own workbook table, I'm now quickly able to populate certain fields back into our ADMIN side of things. Before this, it used to be brutal. Now, onto your IMPORTRANGE tutorial!

  5. Hi Tom,
    So glad I could be of help! These scripts have definitely changed my workflow and efficiency. They are amazing!


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