Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 1 - Math Analysis

My afternoon classes went great. I modified a bit of what I did in the morning so I was able to go over everything in time.  Then again, I think it may have just been that they are junior and senior level honors students and I just don't have to wait as long for them to get things done.

Overall, they seemed to react positively to the flipped classroom. I was big on explaining WHY as well as the basic WHAT'S to get them off the ground.  I'm hoping the transition is smooth.  I can already tell that several students will have trouble with the transition, but I hope they will come around.

Tomorrow we start discussing our summer work and so we will be having our first "WSQ chats".  I'm planning on:

1. Having a "group leader" to guide the discussion
2. Having the groups fill out a "group evaluation" at the end of the period to rate how they did as a group.

I'm excited to see how the discussions will go. That will show me a lot as far as how much teaching and modeling I need to do for them.  I still need to think through how much structure I am going to put in place tomorrow since it's such a huge amount of material we are reviewing and not just a normal flip class lesson.

Wow, it doesn't feel like the first day is already over!  Did I have a summer?

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