Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 2 - Algebra 1 and Math Analysis

Now I know why I blogged on my prep yesterday. I seriously can't remember what happened this morning!  Maybe I can gather up some of it.  I really want to document the first few weeks in detail so I can look back for next year.

Algebra 1 (to the best of my ability!)
In 1st period, hardly any students watched the intro video but it was kind of my fault - in the craziness of the first day, I didn't do a great job of showing them where it was at and where to find it.  In 2nd period (which I taught a little differently yesterday), about 75% of the students watched it.  I decided to postpone our "Flipped Classroom WSQ" until tomorrow when all the students are supposed to have watched it.  At this point, students who don't have it watched (after 2 days and a friendly "reminder" today) will probably receive a consequence.

Instead, I focused the first part of class on my KIRCH strategies for success and really talked about why they are important and tried to have a little discussion.  Overall, I think it went really well.  I think it is actually better for me to do that in person and just have the video I had made as a resource to send students and parents to throughout the year as needed.  One of the biggest thinks I emphasized was the "I" - Initiate Communication.  I really wanted my students to understand that they need to communicate with me in all circumstances, whether they are having trouble with the technology, with the class, or with the content.  I hope with all the ways they can communicate with me (with the addition of GoogleVoice this year) it will open up those doors even more.

We also did our first "model lesson" today where I acted like a student watching Chapter 1 Concept 1. They were also taking some notes as if they were watching it, but I basically talked out loud and whatever I was thinking, I said out loud.  I left the video playing while I "went to the bathroom", I texted my friend about the "cute boy I saw at lunch", I didn't pause it when the video said to pause and just copied down the right answers, etc.  It was actually pretty funny.  First period just went along with it, but in second period, when I said "Oh I have to pee!" and walked away, I actually had students yelling at me to pause the video! I loved it! (and ignored them).

We only got about halfway through so we will continue that tomorrow and start the next one.  We will also have our first WSQ chats.  I think I am definitely going to have them do "small groups" for their discussions.  They are in groups of 6, but can be easily broken into groups of 3.  They  need to start small so everyone is involved.

We're a little behind where I planned, but I very happy with how far we've come in two days.

Math Analysis

I only had a total of less than 15 of 100 students NOT watch the video last night, so we were able to have our first WSQ chat today.

I explained what a WSQ chat was (a structured discussion) and explained the role of the group leader:

1. To read the questions out loud
2. To make sure that everyone participates
3. To make sure the group stays on task

I also guided them as to what they need to talk about:

1. Discuss the questions provided from the WSQ
2. Follow along in your SSS packets and add questions, comments, or notes to the discussion that apply to the conversation.
3. Look through the problems you tried on your own and make sure any misconceptions were clarified.

Lastly, it was important to clarify what a discussion was.  

In one class, the group leader just had everyone go around the circle and share their answer.  That was not a discussion.  I mentioned that a discussion means that yes, someone starts, but then someone else jumps in, comments, asks a question, bounces an idea around, etc.  Everyone is involved and joining in at random moments and it's not just "I'll talk when it's my turn"

Tonight, they are watching my "Technology in the Flipped Classroom" video, which will introduce them to the websites we'll be using, including the Blogspot/Sophia, Edmodo, GoogleForms, ThinkBinder, MentorMob, and Student Blogs.  We'll have a short discussion on that tomorrow and then another review day from their Summer work.  I think I will have them work in "small groups" tomorrow just to see the change.  It is nice only have 5-7 groups of 6 students (much easier to walk around to all the groups), but I want to see how the discussion goes in smaller groups.

We shall see! :)

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