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#flipcon12 archives: T.Cockrum, A.Brown, K.Darche, E.Watt/S.Huntemann, E.Dill

I was able to watch a few archived presentations from #flipcon12 this afternoon... here are some notes that stood out to me and my reflections...

I would highly suggest you check out the sessions yourself as well, because what stood out to me may not be what impacts you the most! :) 

Register for virtual access to all these sessions here.

Troy Cockrum  Using Flipped Class and Collaborative Tools for Writing Instruction

This is an awesome session for English teachers wanting a way to flip writing instruction.  Since I'm not an English teacher, I didn't take notes on all the details of the workshop, but rather some notes or themes that I want to remember personally.

  • Every flipped class is different - so share with people the conceptual, they can figure out the how-to. 
    • Important point. I think people want it to be easy, to be something like "hand me what I need to do and I'll do it"... but it's more than that.  You need to do what is best for your students in your class and that may not be the same as what is best for mine!
  • "When writers write everyday, they begin to compose even when they are not composing" 
  • Tools
    • Google Docs/Google Apps
    • Dropbox
    • ScreenChomp
    • Educreations
    • Camtasia
    • LiveScribe Pen
Anna F Brown The Flipped Experience in Higher Ed
Adjunct professor, Doctoral student, researching the flipped classroom
Presented the study she conducted with 8 professors.
  • Benefits/Challenges
    • From lecturer to content creator
    • from lecturer to facilitator
    • from expert to coach
    • increased learning for instructors and students
    • Greater flexibility for instructors and students

Kim Darche 
Taking the Plunge!   
  • Todays Meet - chat room. No login required.  Can choose when you want it to expire
    • Would be interesting to try out when we are in the computer lab (not too often though)!
  • xtranormal - type in text, cartoon characters do the talking. Phonetic, so you may have to change the way you type it
    • I definitely want to try this out this year!
  • Puffin - free or 99cents - flash app?? 
Eric Watt and Suzanne Huntemann Implementation of Flipped-Mastery Class in HS Chemistry: Year 1
  • Communicating with parents:
    • "Lecture and teaching is the same word" - that's how parents think
    • This is NOT experimental...
    • This is NOT self-taught
      • They brought up some very important key things to say/not say when introducing it to parents.  I agree that many students and most parents think that lecture = teaching, just because that is what they are used to.
      • Definitely NOT going to mention the word "experimental" or "guinea pigs" this year - this is the way it is!!!
  • Still had test day, but students could take it EARLY.  If students fall behind, instead of taking the test on that day, they take it before or after school.
    • They only allowed one attempt at the exam (they can retake quizzes though)
    • I like their ideas with tests.  I think it might work for me.  I always hate it when students are not ready for the test because of different circumstances and that leads to them doing poorly on a test, essential wasting an hour of their life.  I will have to think about how I want to present this and what that means in terms of different versions of the test for those not taking it on the specified day.
Ellen Dill  Flipping French: A Middle School Experience
  • She uses choice boards mainly for projects
    • I'm planning on using choice boards, and this might be a place for me to start and "get my feet wet" since I'm a little overwhelmed with using it for the normal unit
  • Kids can collaborate with other kids from other class periods
    • I've always siad no in the past because I'm like, "what if I give you time to work on it in class, you couldn't collaborate"... but if everything is online and they can still make progress individually, it might be good!
  • Choice Boards - Toni Theisen?
    • Create a play, puppet show, or film
    • Write a story and make it into a presentation
    • Complete book activities and write a review
    • Create an online movie critic show
    • Create a comic strip
    • Make, give, and express results of a survey

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