Saturday, July 7, 2012

#flipcon12 archives: The Formative Flip (Mark Carlson)

 I was able to watch Mark's archived presentation from #flipcon12... here are some notes that stood out to me and my reflections... 

I would highly suggest you check out the session yourself as well, because what stood out to me may not be what impacts you the most! :) 
Register for virtual access to all these sessions here.

  • Starting the flip: In the beginning, it was all about creating time in the classroom b/c of their block schedules.  So, it started out really all about the videos.
Same here, and I think that's what we have started to call Flip 101... most people start there and they quickly realize it's more than just the videos :)
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  • Leveled Tests
    • 70% of grade based on Level 1 questions (power standards).  Students must receive 100% on these questions
    • 10% of grade based on Level 2 questions
    • last 20% of grade based on Level 3 questions (more application-based questions) 
This is a very interesting way to do "mastery" grading that I'd like to look into a little more.  I divide my class into concepts - I could easily make those concepts A, B, and C level concepts.  Don't know if I'll have time to get into that for this year, but maybe for next year **
  • Great information on using Moodle.  Since I don't use Moodle, I didn't write a ton of stuff down about the logistics.   There are some really cool things with Moodle that he showed, so if you use it, definitely check out his session!

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