Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#ISTE2015: My Sessions & Resources - FlipClass Workshop

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I was able to share at four (plus a 7 minute TeachMeet) sessions over the four days in Philly. I've put a summary of each one and a link to any resources in a separate post. And, I included tweets and pictures that went out about the sessions, just for fun :)

See all my sessions:

Workshop:  Flip your Class from Start to Finish (SlidesResources)
This was a three-hour paid workshop and I had between 35-40 teachers (max capacity!).  Hour 1 was focused on understanding a flipped classroom by addressing myths and misconceptions, describing the three shifts, and brainstorming what those shifts would look like in their specific classroom.  I had several Padlet walls (see resources linked above) where they shared their thoughts and they were given a good amount of time to talk with the other educators sitting around them.  The second hour was focused on content creation.  I gave my video tips and shared a few different programs they could use.  They then had about 25-30 minutes to create their first screencast.  In retrospect I should have explained what a screencast was a little more as well as done a sample one live in front of them.  We ran into a few issues with Screencast-o-matic uploading to YouTube so in the future I will have them always download it first and then upload it.  Because we took longer on the creation than planned (which was fine), we only briefly discussed interactive video options but didn't actually have them play around with them.  Hour 3 was focused around designing a flipped learning environment and actually planning a lesson incorporating all of those pieces.  We had the last 20-30 minutes to talk about some other issues, including helping students to adjust, communication with parents and administrators, common hurdles and some "make sure not to do this" tips from Jon Bergmann's podcast, and some final resources and Q/A.  Overall I was very happy with the workshop and the timing of most pieces.  I would add in a piece about designing the classroom environment (in terms of furniture), because I ended up pulling some stuff from my blog to show that.

See resources and summaries from the rest of my sessions:
  ~~See all my posts from ISTE with lots of links and resources shared by others here~~

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