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#ISTE2015: My Sessions & Resources - TouchCast BYOD

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I was able to share at four (plus a 7 minute TeachMeet) sessions over the four days in Philly. I've put a summary of each one and a link to any resources in a separate post. And, I included tweets and pictures that went out about the sessions, just for fun :)

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BYOD Session: Create your first TouchCast today! 
(SlidesResources, TouchCast with 15 min from the session itself)
This was a ticketed session and we pretty much had a full room of 150 attendees.  Of course, the wifi was in and out even though I had a special presenter network. I had everything set up and practiced, but when it came time for the demo, it didn't load.  Such is life :).  We showed some sampleTouchCasts that demonstrated different features of TouchCast - from using the GreenScreen and having a Teleprompter to adding vApps to using the Whiteboard feature.  Then, we had four audience members come up and record a short TouchCast in front of the GreenScreen.  I showed how to add a vApp and then "re-record" the clip to overlay the vApp onto TouchCast. This part is a little tricky and I should have shown it multiple times.  But, it's okay.  Then, participants were asked to get into small groups and record a TouchCast and then try to overlay some vApps. We had three GreenScreens around the room for them to try out.  We didn't get to the point where people shared their TouchCast to our ISTE channel, but it's okay.  We exposed people to TouchCast, got them intrigued and excited, and let them play a little bit with guidance.  I think that was the goal of the session - raise awareness and generate interest and excitement.

A few things I would be even more clear about next time I do a TouchCast demo:
  1. You can use TouchCast to easily create GreenScreen videos and don't have to do any vApps.  This is great for students starting out using the tool.
  2. The recording is one part and the vApps are a second part - I used the term "overlay".  Thus, if you want to have the "overlay", you must re-record the entire clip and "click on and off" the vApps at the certain times you want to have them overlay.  You can only record the overlay once per clip, so you need to plan ahead.
  3. It's going to take making several TouchCasts to get the hang of it.  We can tell you the tips and tricks, but you'll learn and get the hang of it by trying things outs.

See resources and summaries from the rest of my sessions:
  ~~See all my posts from ISTE with lots of links and resources shared by others here~~

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