Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#ISTE2015: My Sessions & Resources - TeachMeet Digital Learning Coach

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I was able to share at four (plus a 7 minute TeachMeet) sessions over the four days in Philly. I've put a summary of each one and a link to any resources in a separate post. And, I included tweets and pictures that went out about the sessions, just for fun :)

See all my sessions:

TeachMeet: Technology Fellowship / Digital Learning Coach (Slides)
I shared with the TeachMeet crowd about the model of coaching that my district implements.  From most of the "Tech Coaches" (who all come with varying titles) that I have talked to both before and at ISTE, we have a very unique model as teachers actually apply to be fellows and we work consistently with the same teachers over the course of an entire school year.  I shared how I describe the role of a coach, how teachers apply to be coached, what the commitments are, what type of excuses you might hear from teachers who are hesitant to be coached, the basic coaching cycle of prebrief - observe - debrief, how there is sustainability and continued growth from year to year, and "5 important things about the role of a coach" from my recent blog post.  I really hope that our model continues to spread as it focuses on long-term growth of teachers and not just "get help on a request basis".

See resources and summaries from the rest of my sessions:

~~See all my posts from ISTE with lots of links and resources shared by others here~~

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