Thursday, July 16, 2015

FlipCon15 Session: Formative Assessments on the Fly RESOURCES

I had a great time finishing up #FlipCon15 by leading "Formative Assessments on the Fly".  Because this could be seen as more of a tool-based session, I really tried to make an emphasis on not getting excited about how "cool" or "fun" these tools seemed, but to always consider them in the light of "How could these tools give me a window into student thinking?" and "How would the data from these tools allow me to change or modify instruction to improve or deepen student understanding?"

I had a lot of links for participants to go to as they used each tool from the "student" perspective and I displayed the results of the "teacher" perspective on the screen.  I used two methods that I think worked well.  At the beginning I gave them a to a OneTab set of tabs that they could then just open all of them up at the beginning.  In addition, I had's for each of the tools they could go to as I instructed them to.  I made the's very easy to get to (,, etc) and I think it worked well.

The tools I showed included asynchronous ones (students don't have to be in class, teacher doesn't have to "start" and "stop" it) like AnswerGarden, TodaysMeet, Padlet, and GoFormative, as well as synchronous ones like PollEverywhere, Socrative, and Kahoot.  We didn't get to do the student version of Kahoot because of time (I planned for this because most people have heard of Kahoot so I put it last).

Slides (with lots of links embedded)

  Resources and further learning (from pre-work)

Resources from the Padlet Wall

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