Thursday, July 9, 2015

#ISTE2015: Biggest Takeaways - TeachMeet #TMISTE15

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Sunday I was able to attend the first TeachMeet at ISTE.  It was a great experience.  If you've never heard about TeachMeets before, check out this short video by Kyle Calderwood, one of the organizers of #TMISTE15.

The TeachMeet at ISTE was made up of 2, 7, or 20 minute sessions.  I really liked the fast-paced environment, a little like drinking from a fire hose ;).  We had about a 90 minute session, an hour break, another 90 minute session, a longer break for lunch, and a final 90 minute session.  That was just perfect to give time for processing and mental breaks.

I haven't had time to deeply explore a lot of the ideas shared, but there are definitely ones I want to share with my teachers next year:

From Chris Aviles:
  • "Teachers aren't going to be replaced by computers.  Teachers will be replaced by teachersusing computers"
  • Two vital skills we aren't teaching: curation & narration
  • Tools:
  • It was really cool to see several of these demo-ed during the 20 minute session.  Imagine showing your students the trends for a specific word or group of words in nGram viewer and starting the discussion of why certain words spiked in usage in literature during certain times in history.  Or, using Google Trends, see how popular certain words or phrases are over time as measured by what is being searched online.  Besides just being interesting things to get "lost" in, these tools can really be used well in the classroom if used purposefully and effectively.
  • (app) Elements 4D - cubes that you can scan in and you would see the elements and even combinations of elements.  This was really cool!  The best part was when you stacked multiple elements together to see what they make.
  • (app) Space Needle

From unknown
  • Tips/tools to make your google site NOT look like a Google Site
    • Canva - custom dimension header (1000x200 pixels)
    • ColorZilla - Chrome Extension
      • Use this to pick color from canva and use the same colors in your google site (manage site and copy the color over)
  • I am going to try to use this for a Google Site I'll be making for some trainings later this summer.  Maybe I'll even change the boring header on my blog here :)
From Kate Baker
  • Librivox - free public domain audio books
  • Booktrack - soundtracks for books - (not audio book)
  • Curriculet - interactive e-reader
    • Pairs w/ USAToday as well
    • Lot of free titles, also ones available for license purchase
    • Teacher can add annotations and quiz questions throughout
    • Students can add own annotations throughout
    • Going to learn more about this from Kate soon :)

From Donnie Piercey
  • 10 things you don't know that you can do with google maps
    • Click "earth" button in lower left.  Zoom OUT until you see the whole earth . Clouds are real-time to about 24 hours.   Zoom out further and you can see milky way galaxy.  Rotate earth now and you will see dark/light from moon/sun
    • Double Chevron arrows when zoomed out - can go to the moon, mars. More planets coming
    • Orange dude in the corner (pegman).   Can drag him around.  In top left you can see when picture was taken and you can go back in time of all the google maps images saved for certain location
    • When open up "chevrons", you get the street view images - these are not taken by google street car.  You can upload your own images using Google View.  If google approves them, they will add them to Google maps
    • Google cardboard - do it yourself virtual reality

From Unknown
  • Chromebooks on a lazy susan for group discussions.  Students are not looking at camera - they are looking at each other.  They "rotate" the lazy susan as different people talk.  Screenrecord conversation!  What a great idea for the teacher to be able to "be present" during each of the group's conversations - and possibly for the students to reflect on later!

~~See all my posts from ISTE with lots of links and resources shared by others here~~

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