Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FlipCon15: Winning WSQ Chats RESOURCES

We had a great first session at FlipCon.  I facilitated a session called "Winning WSQ chats".  This session was less focused on the WSQ strategy (I briefly went over it for 10 minutes) and more on how the WSQ helps to prep students for discussion time in class - and what those discussion activities can look like. 

For each discussion activity, I discussed the purpose of the activity, when to use it, "teacher tips" and things I've learned, and then took ideas and questions from the participants for a couple of minutes.  You can see all the notes on the Slide Deck.

Session Description:
WSQ (Watch-Summarize-Question) is a strategy to help students engage with flipped learning videos. Its purpose is to help support students come to class ready to dive into deep discussions and high-level learning activities. The big question lies: What are those discussions and activities?
This session will explore different types of launching activities that the teacher can design for students that will really give them the opportunity to demonstrate TWIRLS (Thinking- Writing- Interacting- Reading- Listening- Speaking) in class.
Topics will include Peer Instruction with Digital Assessment Tools, Student-Created Work and Blogging, Inquiry / Discovery Activities, Hands-On Group Activities, and Traditional Group Discussions.

If you attended (or if you missed the session!), please check out the resources here:

Slide Deck - reference for descriptions, examples, links to student blog examples, etc.

Traditional Discussion visual
Hands-on / Kinesthetic visual
Inquiry / Discovery visual
Student-created work & blogging visual
Peer Instruction visual

More information on the WSQ strategy (only briefly touched on during session)
  1. Access my WSQing document here; this link will take you to page 12, where I start talking specifically about WSQ chats.  Please read through pages 12-15. If you are not familiar with the WSQ at all, please read through the entire document from the beginning.
  2. Watch my webinar archive “Designing a Flipped Learning Environment” here.
  3. Visit the links included on my “WSQing your Way to FlipClass Success” resource page here.

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