Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy One Year Blog-aversary To Me!!

One year ago today, I decided to start blogging.

One year ago today, I put my teaching practice out there for all to see and read.

One year ago today, I committed myself to reflect upon the transition to a flipped classroom in order to truly see if this "mindset shift" (because that's really how I see it now) would help my students learn, grow, and succeed.

One year ago today, I began the journey towards a transformed classroom, one that is more student-centered and focused on TWIRLS (hopefully pretty HOT TWIRLS) every single day.

One year ago today, I set the stage for friendships and collaboration beyond anything I could have expected or imagined.

All I started with was a little post, "Why I am flipping my classroom".  That was quickly followed the first day by my letter to administration and counselors about the change in my classroom, my letter to parents about the flipped classroom, my vision for the flipped classroom, and a little about TWIRLS.   One of the most popular (still!!) posts on my blog to this day was written the next day, called My Favorite WSQ.

I have grown so much over the last 365 days.  I have learned so much about teaching, learning, students, education...

I have learned that your closest colleagues (and friends!) don't have to be the ones down the hall, or even in your own city, state, or country.

I have learned that sharing ideas and reflecting on practices is essential in teacher growth and effectiveness.

I have learned that it's a lot easier to remember stuff when you write it down - and it's amazing to take the time to read back through and see growth, changes, progress, and both my students AND in me!

I have learned that everybody has different classrooms, demographics, and experiences...and only I can truly be the judge of my own situation.  As public educators, we are all on the same boat with the same goal, even though we may go about it in different ways.  We should strive to continue to encourage and inspire one another and not tear one another apart over differences in opinion.  

I have learned that my students truly can take control of their learning when they are given the opportunity to explore and think outside of the "normal" constraints of school.  Giving them that freedom and challenging them in ways they have never been challenged before is so rewarding for both them and me (once they get over the initial hump, that is!)


I am SO incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share, grow, learn, and process with all of you.

I am honored to have been a piece of your life and encourage, inspire, and motivate you to try new things and to share and reflect yourselves.

Here's to another great year of blogging, sharing, reflecting, and growing!

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  1. Your blogs are more than inspirational; they have helped me to grow my flipped classroom. This is my first year flipping and I am a better flipper because of you! Happy Blog-aversary!


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