Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flipped Learning Network Podcast #28 - Collecting Student Feedback

Had a blast on Monday talking with Troy Cockrum about how I collect student feedback on the flipped classroom (oh, and some other stuff, like Survivor!!!!).  You can see my first semester student feedback posts listed here.  

Why collect feedback?  Oh there are so many good reasons.  Just a few that come to mind right now...

I think we all have the goal of helping our students succeed to the highest level, and hearing their thoughts on the positives and negatives helps us to see it from a new perspective.  Sometimes the suggestions they make are things we would have never thought of, and sometimes just the smallest tweak will make a huge difference for the students in ways you wouldn't have considered.  Giving them the opportunity to have their voice heard gives them ownership of the classroom and builds a deeper, more trusting relationship between teacher and student.  While constructive feedback must be taken with professional discretion (i.e. when I have students say "We shouldn't have to take quizzes anymore because they are hard"), it is very eye-opening.

So my challenge to you as the semester ends is... have YOU collected feedback from your students yet??  If not, DO IT. Then share. Blog. Reflect. Analyze.  Think. Modify.  Do it.

Listen to the podcast episode here
or find it in the iTunes store under the 
Flipped Learning Network Podcast.


  1. You are so right! After I read your post about your survey, I modified yours for my fifth students. I haven't transferred my data to those neat little pie graphs you made yet (I am going to do that) but I really did learn a thing or 2 from reading their responses and I have made a couple of changes in my flipped class because of it. Baby steps! Thanks again!

    1. Did you use a Google Form for the survey? If so, the pie graphs are automatically made for you under "view summary of responses". That's why I love it so much!!! Glad I could help a bit :)


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