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12-13 1st semester student feedback: "Best Part"

(For those of you coming back to this post, starting at #63 are the new responses as of 2/16/13)

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What is the best part about the Flipped Classroom?

  1. I like that it is easy to learn from you and that you are always available for questions.
  2. Having help 24/7.
  3. I like the group discussion in class because we can discuss and chat at the same time but still get the work done.
  4. That we get to learn the lesson on our own time because we may go at our own pace!
  5. I really like the videos because I can work and learn at my own and I can take my time
  6. The non-urgency. The non-urgency meshes well with the rest of what's going on.
  7. I have liked that we are responsible for our own learning. We are the ones who have to make the choice to be committed to your class and to take the time to either watch the videos or learn through the use of another source (textbook, friend, etc.). I also like that in class, as I do the PQ's I can ask my group a question, or you.
  8. What I liked about it was finding that there is no need to rush for taking notes in the class and I could find myself with the idea of knowing the concept and reviewing it over to my group. I find videos really useful as it doesn't require rushing.  
  9. The best thing about the flipped classroom has been just the amount of time that we have in  class to work on our work. I really like how the class is structured to maximize productivity.
  10. Getting to rewind videos, because sometimes i dont understand it.
  11. It's different from all the other years. If we forgot the information  we could always go back.
  12. I like that we can work independently because I can get my work done at my pace.
  13. The best part about the flipped classroom is that it makes me feel very independent because I am allowed to work at my own pace. I only have to worry about deadlines in the flipped classroom because I always know what I must complete, unlike other classes where we are given trivial assignments/projects that don't incorporate much learning.
  14. I have actually come to like the flipped classroom as it is. I like the fact that we get to learn at home and come to class to discuss and practice. I find the WSQ assignments, quizzes, and songs very helpful. 
  15. What I like the most is that we have videos that we can watch instead of having a traditional lecture. Some students don't like that because they find it isn't helpful. I also like that sometimes Mrs. Kirch forms little groups during class to discuss a concept we don't understand.
  16. I like doing my work in class so i can ask for help. the videos are great and i can listen and learn at my own pace.
  17. I liked being able to take my notes properly at my own pace and being able to take what I learned to class the next day 
  18. What I liked about the flipped classroom was the videos because it allowed me to learn at my own pace. Student problems [where students have to create their own problem, solve it, and post it on their blog] also assured me that I actually know how to solve the math problems. 
  19. being able to go at your own pace because i can advance past the schedule for what we have to do and finish stuff earlier.
  20. I like the responsibility it places on the individual to get work done and progress. It makes the person feel like they have to take action in order to succeed.
  21. What I liked best about the flipped classroom is allowing us to fully use our time to our advantage in class. Instead of learning in class, we use the time to actually work things out and ask questions when we are stuck instead of stopping on one problem and wondering what to do next with no one around to help you at home.
  22. The thing i have liked best this year is being able to watch the lessons at home and being able to go back to them if i have to.
  23. The fact that we get our own time in class to get what we need to do as we should since we are not all as fast as others with the pqs
  24. What I liked best from the flipped classroom this year is actually doing the homework portions in class because I can just ask one of my classmates for help and I feel more comfortable doing so helping me better understand it.
  25. I like that I know what most of the assignments are ahead of time. Like if I am absent for an extended period of time or if I have the time to do extra work, I know what tomorrow's, next week's, or sometimes even next month's assignment is.
  26. I like that we do not really have homework and that we get to do our work in class. 
  27. watching your videos at home b/c you're such a dork :D [exactly what I was going for... :)]
  28. working from home is easier to learn because it's quiet 
  29. I am overall very pleased with the flipped classroom but I like the interactions that take place as a result. The environment is very different from your normal classroom and it provides me some sanity in my day. We have the ability to work in groups and with various people who understand different things on different levels. The schedule isn't so rigid that you are staring at a board in silence for 45 minutes. On top of that, you say hi or ask how each and every one of us are doing EVERY day and that isn't an interaction that we would get in other classes. I feel like that builds an affirming relationship  and an encouraging environment, both of which are lacking in high school for the most part.
  30. I liked that I am able to experience learning in a new way even though it could be difficult I feel that I have been able to learn more math than ever before. 
  31. I liked that we are given the chance to do work in class and ask questions on what we don't understand.
  32. Its made me understand the work more and i am able to get a lot more help.
  33. The best thing that i like about the flipped classroom this year is the blog. i have never done anything like that before and so it gives me something new to do. I think the blog is one of the best things about the flipped classroom.
  34. Being able to reassess tests for full credit because it's so relieving when I'm not prepared during the actual test date.. and being able to communicate with my classmates about the units/concepts is enjoyable
  35. The WSQ is what i have liked because I can review and pause. I also like how you make us answer questions to see if we payed attention.
  36. It's not like the others. Homework feels like learning instead of a grind.
  37. So far, I've liked watching the videos because they help a lot. My previous years in math I didn't have a very high score in any of my test, quiz, and class like I do this year. This year I've had a B all semester which makes me very proud because the previous years I've had pure Cs and Ds never Bs. In my tests I would always get Ds and Fs. This year I've been getting Bs and Cs. Thank you, Mrs. Kirch (:
  38. I like the videos because I have the power to pause or fast forward the video. Watching the videos helps me learn at my own pace. If some concepts I have a hard time learning I can slow the pace down and pause the videos as much as I want and if I understand the concept I can work at a faster pace and fast forward the video. The video will also be there for reference, I can go back to look at the video if I need to again. 
  39. I love how interactive you are with us and how you keep most of us focused all the time and on track.  
  40. being able to work as a group because i'm more confident when we all understand it. i'm able to work with others much better.
  41. What I liked best about the "Flipped Classroom" this year is learning with others and having videos to go back to if I don't understand something.
  42. I liked that as a student, i had to take responsibility and really understand what i am learning. I feel that the flipped classroom has made learning math analysis in a helpful way.
  43. Teaches responsibility which will be helpful in the future 
  44. the cooperation with the other peers.  
  45. i'm not really sure. i still have mixed feeling about it. i have mixed feeling because sometimes the videos makes sense and then other times i just dont know what to do.
  46. I like how we can decide what we want to do in our class time.
  47. I find that the videos are very helpful because whenever I get stuck I can just go back to watch the video for the concept again.
  48. that i can  rewind and watch the videos again and again and that i get help in class if i didn't get the video 
  49. I've enjoyed the learning experience and the classroom I've been lucky to be a part of. I'd say this is one of the most hands-on, interactive, not to mention fun classrooms I've been in. It may have been hard to adjust to but nevertheless a good experience. 
  50. The best part about the flipped classroom for me is just being able to do it at home by myself. As you can tell Mrs. Kirch, I can't do a lot of work when other people are around so being able to go home and focus on the work is a huge benefit to me.
  51. The control over my learning has been put into my hands, I no longer have to hear repeated questions in class for example but work at my own pace. 
  52. I certainly like the organization of the flipped classroom the best. I get to know exactly what to do and when to do it thanks to the WSQ chart. With the pacing of the class and Mrs. Kirch always keeping us on track, I find it extremely difficult for anyone to fall behind.
  53. What iv'e liked best about the "flipped classroom"this year is working with other people because you get to know people and when we are in groups our classmates can help us if we are stuck
  54. I liked the fact instead of listening to a lecture about math in class, we can just learn about it at home with less about of time. I think I'm doing much better in this class than I have been doing in math classes overall because I understand and remember the materials better.
  55. I like how the way that the flipped classroom. It allows the students and teachers to communicate more.
  56. I like how I have access to everything online. I'm mostly on the internet anyways, so it's a cool thing.
  57. Being able to watch the videos and refer back to them. If it were a normal classroom and you missed one thing or weren't listening or tried to understand but you needed time to digest it all then you're pretty much screwed. You aren't able to have the lessons quickly accessible and on a short 15 minute video. 
  58. how easy it is to learn from the videos
  59. What I liked best about the "Flipped Classroom" are the videos because again, they are extremely descriptive and help me get through every hard problem in the concept.
  60. I have liked going over the PQ's in the classroom because i have my fellow students and even a teacher there to help me fully understand and go over any of the material that i learned the night before.
  61. I like how the Flipped Classroom is new and isn't like any boring old class. The chance to interact with classmates within the class while still getting work done is almost a dream come true.
  62. I have liked that I don't have to listen to a teacher for hours because that what I hate about school the teacher usually just talks for the whole class and with the flipped class I don't.
  63. What I find best is that we are in groups so we don't understand something and Mrs. Kirch is busy we can ask one of our classmates.
  64. I've really enjoyed the videos of Mrs. Kirch this year because they're a good way for students to learn at their own pace and be at the comfort of their home. Sometimes students don't get enough sleep and are tired in school. By watching the videos at home, students can be fully attentive.
  65. class discussions and trying something new
  66. The fact that you, Mrs. Kirch, have the time to explain anything I am confused about during class.
  67. Making videos about what we learned because it shows that you understand the concept or chapter.
  68. The best part of the flipped classroom is watching the videos and discussing it in class because it makes me learn more about it
  69. What i like best is discussing the math problems with others to share if your getting the lesson.
  70. The thing that i like the best about the flipped classroom is that we get help from others who may understand more in your groups.
  71. Seeing Mrs. Kirch at school and at home :') hahaha just kidding that's not my real answer although I do enjoy your presence HAHA.  But what I really liked is that my ability to understand the math material has increased by a lot. I really liked this the best because my grades have been improving nonstop and by being able to understand the concepts and such, it really helped me get that motivational push to do better and succeed because I really love that feeling when you get a math problem right."
  72. The best thing about the flipped classroom this year is the WSQ discussion; being able to ask questions to fellow classmates and address concerns helps students in understanding and further mastering the content of the class's units.
  73. It's helped better my understanding in mathematics and has greatly improved my skill in explaining how to do a problem rather than just doing it and not knowing how to explain the steps I had taken to accomplish the problem.
  74. I like having all that classroom time in class because I am given time to work on other math-related concepts and I also have time to be able to start my homework in class. If I had any questions, I could just walk up and ask Mrs. Kirch without having the fear of interrupting class and distracting others.
  75. I like how math has become to easy to understand within the opportunities of the flipped classroom. The lessons could be easily reviewed, and the practice quizzes provided a measure of our understanding.  
  76. This year I really enjoy the time in class that we have to discuss with our groups and actually analyze what we are learning. This discussion time in class also is very helpful because we are able to ask questions if something is difficult and it gives us time to process the concept and ask questions. I believe that this time in class that we have to discuss and ask questions has allowed me to understand the concepts much more.
  77. The different experience and the songs! The songs really help you memorize important terms and their qualities. Besides that, I am actually learning and have adjusted to the flipped classroom :)
  78. What I have liked best so far are the videos that Mrs. Kirch has made! They are the best part because the way she teaches it, it makes math so simple and easy to understand! Not only that, but the videos are ALWAYS there, in contrast to an in class lesson, where we may have missed certain parts or could be absent on the day of a lesson.
  79. I liked being able to talk with the people around me. It helps us figure things out before asking questions.
  80. Being able to have you explain things and help us with our questions! Though I like that you also challenge us to think as well.
  81. I think getting that sense of support when I don't understand something from my peers or with the help of you.
  82. I learned to kinda love it now.
  83. I like being to be able to work on my own pace because now I can go ahead or take more time on a concept if needed.
  84. I like the whole "work-together" environment that it creates. It simply engages us (students) in the learning.
  85. I have the power to stop the teacher and rewind.
  86. I like that I've been learning faster and easier.
  87. What I've liked best about the flipped classroom is that it shows you how hard it will be in college because you have to have your own resources and responsibility to complete all work. It's a good way to be independent. 
  88. The classroom discussions because then I can see if I understand the concept or not 
  89. The thing i liked best of the flipped classroom was the shouting out loud and sing along. 

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