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12-13 1st semester student feedback: "Most Helpful"

For those of you reading this post as the updated version, #45 is where the new responses begin.

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What is the MOST HELPFUL part about the Flipped Classroom?

  1. I think that the most helpful thing is watching the videos and having you available at all times if we have questions.
  2. Having a packet with me so that way I could just flip back if I need any help.
  3. By watching the videos at home, I can save more time on the lectures and have more time to do the PQs or PTs. Also, I can pause the videos and rewatch them any time I want. By doing the PQs in class, I can discuss or ask my friends questions about the problems. In addition, my friends can explain how to do problems that I don't understand.
  4. The most helpful part of the flipped classroom is the chants and watching the videos at our own pace and time!
  5. The videos have a lot of detail and it is very easy to do the work and understand them. The quizzes help test my knowledge and see if I understand the concept completely. It helps to do the PQ's at class because if I am stuck in a kind of problem I can ask for help
  6. Interacting with students in the classroom.
  7. PQs and Quizzes are probably the most helpful because of focus on the application in class rather than the actual material.
  8. Watching the videos, I understand what the concept is about and what I need to learn. Then I come to class and I practice what I learn by doing the practice quizzes. Once I do the practice quiz, I am prepared for the real quiz, and retaking it as many times until I accomplish it really helps me prepare for the test. I learn from the mistakes and I am able to avoid it during the test.
  9. Watching the videos you create and then completing my SSS packet is the foundation of my learning in your class. I get to go at my own pace of learning at home and then at school, once I have a good grasp on the material, it's easier to get ahead on the work. The quizzes are a great indicator of how well I know the concepts and tell me what I have to be studying. They are also a great source of sample problems that are similar to what we will be asked on the test day.
  10. The amount of time we have in class to get our stuff done such as quizzes and even the opportunity to get ahead. Sometimes in other classes I might not understand some material and the next day we won't have anytime to review that because we have to cover some other material but the flipped classroom fixes that since we cover the material at home.
  11. Watching the videos by Mrs. Kirch are the most helpful because that is where the material is learned and we get to work through each problem with her justification of each step. Mrs. Kirch talks through the problem which I find easier when you are doing a problem for the first time.
  12. The quizzes in class are also very helpful because they test your knowledge on how well you actually know the material. The quizzes present problems that we must do on our own without the help of Mrs. Kirch, this forces to HAVE to KNOW the material and concepts.
  13. Watching the videos at home because I get to replay them or go over it if I don't understand. also the pq's because if I dont understand something I ask Mrs. Kirch.
  14. watching the videos at home because i get to replay them or go over it if i don't understand. also the pq's because if i don't understand something i ask mrs. kirch.
  15. I feel that watching the videos really helps me because I am learning at my own pace and feel more interacted with the lesson. I also think that the WSQ discussions are helpful because I get to go over the information and while explaining it to others it makes more sense to me. The quizzes better prepare me for the test and doing student videos helps me not only to learn the material but also be able to teach it. 
  16. The videos are extremely helpful because I can decide at what speed I want to do my homework. I can pause, fast forward or rewind at anytime I want. Last year, in college algebra my teacher would give us traditional lectures and they were okay but not as good as watching videos. The lectures were also boring and took up most of the class period, whereas the videos are quick.
  17. Watching the videos help show other ways to do each problem and allows me to choose which way i prefer to solve. the quizzes help improve my understanding and show the common mistakes that i and other fellow students may have done.
  18. To me the most helpful part of the flipped classroom is when I watch the videos at home I could take what I learned from the video to class the next day
  19. I feel like watching the videos and doing PQs in class go hand in hand because we can only do PQs in class BECAUSE we watch the videos at home and  vice versa.  I find this aspect to be the most helpful because I don't have to rush to learn the material and I really get to pace myself. Having the entire period available to finish 5 problems or so if I need it allows me to make sure I do each problem carefully and correctly. 
  20. I really like the videos I'm able to go back and learn faster at my own pace. I also like the songs, they help me remember certain things for the tests.
  21. Because when you do the pq's in class you get help from people if you don't know an answer and watching your videos help because it kinda makes me understand what I'm doing.
  22. Being able to go back and watch the videos in case we need to remember how to do it and if we miss school we don't really miss a lesson. It makes it easy to keep on track with everything we have to do.
  23. It is helpful to watch the videos because it guides me while doing the homework and packet. Doing the PQ's in class is helpful since if I don't understand I can ask for help. 
  24. Watching the video actually allows me to look at what you did and attempt it on my own and check my answer after my attempt, it allows me to go back and re-watch anything I didn't get. Doing the PQ's in class allows me to ask questions to my fellow classmates and to you if any arise.
  25. Watching the videos is most important because that's where i learn the most but doing PQs in class is also the most helpful because it allows me to discuss with the table and ask questions if needed.
  26. The fact that if we don't get something I can just re-look at a video
  27. The most helpful part of the flipped classroom is watching the videos because it allows me to re-watch any parts of the video that I felt I needed clarification on. Whenever I thought I didn't understand something or got confused I can just re-watch the video over to help better understand the material.
  28. The videos help me the most because you tell me what we need to learn and then you demonstrate the use of the lesson by answering the problems. If I do not understand it completely or if I need time to process the information then I can pause the video and go back to hear what you have to say again
  29. The PQ's reassure my understanding of the material.
  30. I think the most helpful part of the flipped classroom is doing PQ's in class because you can receive help from your friends. Also, you are doing the problems on your own so that makes sure you fully understand the concept. 
  31. The videos help a lot because they go through every problem step by step and when we don't get something we can just discuss it in class the next day. 
  32. The most helpful part of the flip classroom are the videos. They are not long lessons and are done in a manner that i can understand. I think they are simple and helpful especially when we go over the problems in the video. I also believe that the easy communication helps me as well. i don't use much of it but it helps my mind be at ease knowing that Mrs. Kirch is just a message away for any help i need at home.
  33. Quizzes, in my perspective, are probably the most helpful because they test my ability to solve the problems correctly and help me see the errors in my answers before the test date.
  34. The most helpful part of the flipped classroom is Mrs.Kirch's videos and the summary at the end. They help me because they make me go back and review what I missed and they are here for reference
  35. I believe the whole system of the flipped classroom is designed to help, so its hard to say. If I had to pick one, it would be talking to you directly: the information is always best from the source.
  36. Watching the videos are helpful and essential because I can see clearly the steps Mrs. Kirch does and I do them myself on my packet. The notes that pop up during the video are also helpful because they remind me of key points to remember. 
  37. being able to interact with my teacher right when I need help versus waiting until the end of class, where it might not have been as important as that moment earlier
  38. I think watching the videos by Mrs. Kirch is most helpful because everything is explained well and even some problems are worked out for you so you get a better understanding. Being able to rewind a certain part you didn't understand helps a lot too.
  39. I feel like the videos are really there to guide me, when i am stuck at home. quizzes help me keep accountable, to see where i am at with the concept. 
  40. I feel as though the videos are part of the most helpful aspects of the flipped classroom as they not only explain the video but allow us to pass them, work ahead, and double check our work with an explanation and walk through when we get them wrong. I also feel that the quizzes are extremely helpful as they help us see what we will have difficulty with when we can't look at our packet or ask for help or simply in other words, it's a great prep for the tests by showing what we truly do need to work on more.
  41. Because I am allowed to pause and rewind which is always something you could do in real time, but obviously it isn't possible and it gives us a better control of our learning. 
  42. First of all, the videos by Mrs. Kirch are basically the lessons. Everything I've learned about math analysis, I've learned from watching those videos. They are clear, efficient (time wise), and easily helps me understand what I need to be learning. To me, the in class discussion helps clarify certain things that simply could not be grasped by students in the videos. Plus, asking peers is one of the best ways to learn in my opinion.
  43. The most helpful was watching the videos at home because I can rewatch them if I don't understand the material just yet. Also, I think it's better to learn the material through about a 15 minute video max rather than listening to a whole lecture about it in class and forgetting all about it later on. As for the PQ's, I think it's really helpful because I get to practice some more problems until I understand it. Also, since we do them in class, I can always ask the people around me or Mrs. Kirch for help.
  44. The videos are most helpful because it is impossible to miss out on any thing. Its a video. We can rewind and go at our own comfortable pace. They are the most helpful. Sometimes I wish i had flipped classroom for all of my classes. Specifically AP Bio. 
  45. Watching the videos is definitely most helpful since they teach me how to do the problems in the concepts. Also these videos are helpful because they, like an A quality WPP, explain every problem clearly and explain every questions i might have. The WSQ question part is helpful because it forces and encourages me to try to answer the problem to get it correct. Quizzes are helpful because it reviews for the test. Making student videos are helpful because it helps me learn the concept more because I have to explain the problem myself. Doing PQs in class is helpful because i can get help from you or from my classmates.
  46. The most helpful part of the "flipped classroom" is going over the material in the classroom so we can fully understand the material. I like having my students and teacher there to help me whenever I am stuck on a problem.
  47. I think the most helpful part is the videos. The videos are the main source of education and for relaying information. I usually gain nearly all my knowledge about a concept solely from the videos, everything else is just bonus.
  48. Watching videos because thats when we learn the most.
  49. While at times it can be difficult and time consuming to do these things I find that they challenge me into completing them and help me stay on task. They can be difficult, but they sure do help in not only knowing how to solve a problem, but how to also explain the steps and percautions taken into aquiring an answer.
  50. watching the video is more helpful because I learn everything Mrs. Kirch teaches.
  51. I really like that during class we go over WSQ and being able to look at what i learned something weeks ago and review it whenever i want.
  52. I feel like the discussion is helpful because you talk and explain what is going on with your partners 
  53. The videos go over the material step by step and you are able to learn at your own pace. The dicussions go over any questions we may have had about the material when we watched the videos the night before. The quizzes test your knowledge about how well you learned the material.
  54. The helpful part of the flipped classroom is that we have videos to watch so just in case we missed something were always able to go back.
  55. What's most helpful is that you're able to help us more efficiently as compared to those who teach with the traditionally classroom. This is because instead of stopping and waiting for those who don't understand the material, you can spend the whole 45 minutes answering our questions and making sure we understand it. That's probably the most helpful part because then you are able to understand it twice as better than the traditional classroom. 
  56. Every part of the flipped classroom is equally helpful, meaning that there is no part that is really most helpful, or least helpful.  From videos to the WSQs, students learn every concept in a variety of different ways, so I could say the most helpful part of the flipped classroom is really using every resource available.
  57. The discussion part in class is most helpful because after going over the material at home alone we are able to discuss with our group if we need more help. It allows us all to get a deeper understanding of how to figure out the problem. The discussion part in class also encouraging people to ask questions and actually talk about what is going on in the concepts. The PQs in class also allow us to try out problems on our own and in class if we do not get it we are able to ask questions and figure out how to solve a difficult problem. Also this is very helpful because the PQs allow us to practice the material and become more familiar with whatever we are learning. 
  58. The most helpful part of flipped classroom is being able to go home and learn the math concept there. Some of us are slow learners and some and fast and the WSQ videos work for both types of learners. The slow ones will constantly ask questions to themselves so instead of interrupting the teacher in class, they can just go home and replay the math concept over and over again until they understand. This also provides a lot of class time to get other work done and ask any more questions that wasn't answered in the video.
  59. I find it really helpful that, since we learn from videos, we are able to work as fast or as slowly as we can. The WSQ discussions are also helpful because we are able to, not only get our questions answered, but also get different perspectives on how other students remember and/or come to understand things.
  60. I feel like everything is helpful. I honestly enjoy the change you made to your classroom. Although I do not have the grade I want, I am actually learning. I feel behind and that is my problem. Fortunately, I brought my grade back up. As I was catching up, I was piled with lots of work, and I always went back to your videos to get help on how to do them. In addition, quizzes help a lot because they work like a pretest. The lower the quiz grade, the more you need to study that area to perfect your skills and score better on the retake and on the test!
  61. The most helpful part of the flipped classroom would be watching videos made by Mrs. Kirch! These videos are EXTREMELY helpful because I am typically an individual who is very slow at processing given information, and with the videos, they allow me to go back on a topic in order to let the information connect fully and completely. These videos thus allow me to understand each and every topic, as it gives me the freedom to look back on the videos in case I'm still having trouble. The in class discussion also is the most helpful part of the flipped classroom because it clarifies any confusions we may have had about the concept.
  62. Watching the videos are helpful majority of the time. Mrs. Kirch makes it easy because she explains each step to complete the problems. The quizzes are helpful as well because they help me see what mistakes i make and what i still have to practice.
  63. The most helpful part of the "flipped classroom" is that I understand the lessons better than i did in 8th grade. It makes it very easy to learn with people you know.  And we can get alot of help when not understanding a lesson.
  64. Watching the WSQ video helps me not get that confused over the concept that im learning. The videos help make sense of the problems and if i ever get stuck on any of the problems then i can just go back and watch the video again.Also the WSQ disscussion in class helps in case i didnt get what i had to do in any of the problems.

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