Saturday, January 31, 2015

OC CUE Tech Fest 2015 Presentations: Digital Annotation Tools + Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Please check out my OC CUE Tech Fest Presentation Slides and reflections below.

I had a great time presenting Diigo, Thinglink, and at OC Cue Tech Fest 2015.  While I probably needed two sessions, we were able to do a very quick overview of the powerful use of these tools in helping students dissect complex text of all types.  I feel like it was important to consider the tools for all types of complex text (text, images, and videos), and hopefully build excitement to continue to explore the tools past the session and start using them in the near future.

This was the first time I've formally presented on these tools, so it was far from perfect.  I went through and made an outline for future presentations in terms of time needed to go over the different parts.  You can see that here.  I also made a handout to give to participants as they come in with instructions on logging into the different accounts since verbal instructions were not the easiest..  You can see that here.

I also added a few things to the future presentation plan that I didn't have today, such as completed student examples to begin with, time built in for the padlet reflection (had walls ready but absolutely no time today), and separate instructions for laptops and tablets.

There are a lot of links to resources throughout the presentation, so please check them out.

Socrative and InfuseLearning were also fun!  We were able to look at ALL the features of Socrative, including Quick Quiz, Pre-Planned Quiz (teacher paced & student paced), Space Race, and Exit Ticket.  We then had about 10 minutes to explore InfuseLearning, so we looked at the features that were different than Socrative, looking at the Draw Response, Infuse Draw (I pushed out a picture and had them do a draw response), and Infuse Link.  I'm glad I figured out that the teacher has to be on Firefox for it to work (I was freaking out a bit earlier in the week when it wouldn't work on Chrome).

If I had another 15 minutes in the session, I would have liked the teachers to then log in as "teachers" and play around with creating quiz questions.  We also could have played with the "sort in order" and more options with the "Infuse Draw".  It also would have been nice to download and show the results documents from both Socrative and Infuse Learning.

Thank you to everyone who attended my sessions!  Please let me know what questions you have as you begin exploring these tools in your classrooms.

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