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What would you tell a student next year?

Imagine it was August 2012 and you were asked to come speak to Mrs. Kirch's classes next year about the flipped classroom.  What would you tell them?  Be as detailed as possible.

I am posting all responses that I receive - positive, negative, and neutral.  Students are given the opportunity weekly to submit a reflection on how things are going in the flipped classroom and how they are feeling about the different things we are doing.  Thus, this post will be updated weekly as more students choose to give their opinion on this question.

Responses from Week 15 (5/18/12)
  • Flipped classroom is to get all the help you need but at home all your homework is to watch a video and come in the next day to start your homework.
  • In reality you'll like it or not. you'll have to put up with it it's not your choice its the teachers choice
  • I would tell them to watch the videos and do everything in the allotted time.
  • To start off, I'd like to say... you guys have chosen a challenging class. It's very useful though. To be honest, Mrs. Kirch is great teacher who cares and is always there even though you keep stumbling shes willing to help. ^_^... Last year we experienced taking the course in another way then traditional class, where we would just copy down what teacher wrote mindlessly. In flipped classrooms its completely different. Basically your learning at home. 
  • Well get ready for some easy homework, since you get the chance of doing it in class and all you have to do at home is watch a video, and answer 3 or 4 questions. So there's nothing to worry about other then getting perfect scores on your quizzes, and hoping to do good on your tests!
  • If i was asked in August 2012 to come speak for Mrs. Kirch's class about flipped classroom i would have to say that this is probably one of the most helpful things any of my teachers has ever done to help her students out. Flipped classroom is basically watching videos at home on different days explaining the chapter/ concept and her giving us an SSS and on there is were we basically write "notes" that will definitely help us out when we need it. We basically watch the video at home, and then come to class and get to do our homework in class, which is very helpful because that way we get help from Mrs. Kirch as quick as possible.
  • I would say that the flipped classroom was very helpful to me and it made it easier to understand the lessons being taught.
  • I would say that flipped classroom is when you are assigned a idea for homework and in the video you watch the lesson you learn. The video is everything you would normally learn in class but in a video for homework. The next day you would come into class knowing the lesson and start your homework. Also if you don't quite understand the homework then you get help during class.
  • I would tell them to keep up with the class and watch all there videos or they will not understand anything. 
  • I would tell the up coming students that the flipped classroom was a great idea. Basically you don't have to come home all confused with the homework that Mrs. Kirch has given you. Now you could just ask her during class if you need any help. Also all you gotta do at home and watch some videos that Mrs. Kirch has assigned to you and answer some questions on the WSQV chart :) simple as that.
  • It's not about how hard the class is...its about how much effort your willing to put in to pass this class. There's a lot of time so don't let it go to waste. 
  • It is very difficult to do but when you put effort in it you will do alright.

Responses from Week 14 (5/11/12)

  • The flipped classroom is mainly about doing your homework in class and getting help.and just watching videos at home. Mainly it helps you if you have any questions Mrs. Kirch can help you .
  • The flipped classroom is the other way around. You learn at home and work on PT or PQ in the class. A flipped classroom is watching a video of what you are learning and if you don't get it there is other examples there in you tube or school tube. The flipped class room is better because you can work at your own pace without people rushing you. If you still don't get something or confused you can ask Mrs.Kirch for help.
  • Hello class my name is "___", last year I had Mrs.Kirch. Last year was the first year of ""Flipped Classroom""(Finger quotations) Now there are three things you need in order to do well with this program;  One, being that you have to be on top of all of the homework.  Two, being that you have to be honest to yourself on how much you learn.  And three, Have maturity, in order to thrive in this hostile environment known as flipped classroom you have to make sure you understand the material and do not depend on it being a flipped classroom in order to pass the class.  Make sure that you all enjoy the tasks handed to you and make sure you make the best uses of them.
  • I would tell them that not only do they need to watch the videos but also have to be active. When taking notes, they have to "take" notes instead of copying it down.
  • I would say that a flipped class room is doing your homework in class and your class work at home. It is when you watch a video online and learn a new concept all by yourself. It helps because you get your "homework" done but if you have questions about  it you can ask your group members. you have to write a summary, and ask a question AFTER you watch the video so you can talk about it the next day with your group.  
  • I'd tell them to do the work and write down all questions in SSS as they come along so that if they are not resolved by the end of the videos then you can always ask in class that way there are never any unanswered questions about a concept.

Responses from Week 13 (5/4/12)
  • I would tell them, "This is high school, they really do mean it when they say you have to grow up and be more responsible. Using flipped classroom only benefits you if you do your work and stay on task and up to date with your assignments. Mrs. Kirch is here to help you and modivate you, not to be your baby sitter.
  • I would tell them that flipped class room is one of the most important and the most helpful idea i ever liked because it helped me on my quizzes and its making me feel more confident to my self to pass this. 
  • it's a different experience, but you shouldn't be intimidated. be open to Mrs. Kirch's different ideas. you watch your lessons at home, and get all the help you need in class with Mrs. kirch.
  • I would say its a good idea because i have seen drastic improvement in my work ethic and i would recommend that more classes pick up this type of learning process.
  •  I would tell them that for me it wasn't that easy i didn't actually like the flipped classroom but the good thing about this is that you don't get a lot of homework just to watch the videos.
  • I would say something along the lines of, "The flipped classroom is basically flipping the classroom, hence the name. Instead of Mrs. Kirch teaching you everything in class, you go home and she teaches you from the computer. Then the next day you come to class and you do the homework in class. I feel like the flipped classroom helps students a lot better than the normal lesson in class because when you go to school and do the work in class, you have classmates and the teacher who can help you if you don't understand something versus sitting there at home trying to figure it out and getting nowhere." 
  • I would say that flipped classroom is very helpful and it helps you understand the concepts even more because this time you can rewind to the parts that you didn't understand. You have to watch this on your own time so flipped classroom also builds responsibility
  • that  it was a great help for me it also help me get the lesson really fast and its fun.

Responses from Week 12 (4/28/12)
  • I would tell them it was a great experience and that we should take advantage of it because we are able to stay on task, and it really does keep us on track and we are able to move on if we get the material. We are able to re watch any videos that we need help on and there are extra videos for extra help 
  • I would tell them that the videos can get a bit annoying but they are very helpful and the best part is you can pause, rewind and rewatch if you don't get the material being taught. In class you get to work in groups to do classwork and homework and you get to help each other out.
  • I would say this flipped classroom was an effective and new experience for me. Although there were times when I did not like the flipped classroom, overall it was quite useful. It helped me review for the test, and if I did not fully understand one concept, I could watch it all over again. Also, since I learned the new concepts at home, this gave me more time to ask questions in class and get help for the problems I didn't know in class. Therefore, this flipped classroom did help me get good grades. However, what I did not like was that I felt I had more homework in a flipped classroom than if it was a traditional classroom.  But, overall I liked the new experience and I think it would be all helpful to other students too.
  • At first, i thought it was a joke, but when i found out we would do it for one night, i actually looked forward to doing my "homework" because i would do it in a new way that i have never tried before. When one night turned to one month, i started getting a bit tired of it. Before i knew it, summaries came along, then wsq charts, then questions then online wsqs...the more it changed the more I disliked it because it just gave us more homework than we already have. After I realized that my test grades are almost always a B or A, i realized it is the flipped classroom that might be helping me. I haven't been close to an A in math since geometry and 7th grade, so i think that even though we have a lot of homework for this class, in the end it helps out if you use your resources given to you correctly.
  • I would tell them something like  "A flipped classroom is a class environment that is positive on people who want to learn, helpful enough for people who have a hard time with math, and different enough to attract the attention of others who don't get the opportunity. It's an experience that gets everyone to help each other and leaves no one in the dark. The only downside is that if your too stubborn to try something new like this, then the opportunity is wasted on a person that most likely will fail in the class and possibly later on in life." =P
  • I would tell them "There is no way your complaining can change Mrs. Kirch's teaching methods; the flipped classroom is here to stay. Though it may be a pain at times, she takes the initiative and wastes her time making the videos when she could easily lecture the class. Just put up with it and your year won't be as hellish as some others.(; 
  • It is a little hard to get used to. But it helps out in the end. Just make sure to watch the videos because you will be sooo lost if you don't.
  • i would most likely tell them how great it is when you are an overachiever and you like to work ahead of time...and that this class is about doing and trying your best because everything is made so easy for you and if you cant pass with a B you are obviously being lazy.
  • "Hello everyone my name is Miguel and I personally experienced a little more then a semester of flipped classroom. The flipped classroom worked like this The lesson starts at home, or wherever you have internet access. You watch a video that has been recorded by Mrs.Kirch that teaches you a concept. You have the option of pausing, rewinding and even fast forwarding the video so that you are not rushed. This allows you to learn at your own pace but at the same time you are given a "quota" so to speak so that it is guaranteed that you watch the video. This quota is called a WSQ and it stand for watch summarize and question. This WSQ is completed in your notebook or online or both. By following this process your understanding of the concept is hightened. I felt like the flipped classroom method put your learning in your hands and teaches more than responsibility. It felt like a college course. I'm sure you will all enjoy the flipped classroom experience as long as you stay on track."
  • I would say that it is a good way to learn because you get to watch the video at home with out being distracted by classmates like in a traditional class. That it's also helpful because if you don;t understand something you could go rewind to see it again and make sure you didn't miss something. Or vise versa if you understand what the work is you could fast forward the explanation of the example and make sure you got the answer correct and if you didn't you could watch to see what you did wrong. It also helps that we do the pq's in class because if you still don't understand you could ask while doing the work in class. Another thing is that the videos are there for you to watch later and refresh your memory on the material.
  • I would tell them to always do their work on time! Otherwise, you will just fall behind in class, and you will bring your group down with you. Also, I would tell them not to lie about watching the videos, because Mrs. Kirch ALWAYS finds out. 
  • I would tell them to give it a chance before they say they don't like it. At fist I was sort of hesitant towards the flipped classroom idea, but now I love it. If I am absent or simply want to understand the concept better I can simply look at the videos that are provided. The flipped classroom is only there to benefit the student it will not harm your studies in any negative way. 
  • I would tell Mrs. Kirch's class that the flipped classroom helps a lot only if you watch and pay attention to them. The videos, in my opinion, help me understand the concepts better than traditional classrooms because I can rewind the video if I didn't understand it and the videos are like having your own tutor. Some advice that I would give them would be to do your work and watch the videos, only because there videos and you watch them at home, doesn't mean you should lie and say you watched a video when you haven't because Mrs. Kirch will find out somehow, like your test scores.
  • If I were to tell them anything, it would be to take advantage of EVERYthing that mrs. Kirch lets us utilize to learn, and to appreciate all the time and effort that she invests into our learning. I would also tell them NOT to lag behind because pretty soon a few videos turn into the who unit and then you won't be ahead of the game. 
  • I would tell them that flipped classroom is giving them the responsibility of their own education because you are putting the information and resources there for them, but it is their choice to either take it or not. Also, i would tell them to watch the videos unless they want a phone call home!  
  • I would say it is more of an independent class. It is not about the videos and how you learn the concept but the chance to get more help if needed.  It is preparing you for college and everyday life. It is a lot more work but at the end you feel a sense of satisfaction toward  yourself.
  • I would tell next year's students to be careful with all the freedom because as cool as it is, it's also a lot of responsibility and if you're not careful with how you manage your time you can find yourself sort of drowning in catch-up work. I would also tell them to take advantage of having the rest of the class around when they're doing homework because it's such a great opportunity to collaborate, help each other, and learn from one another.
  • i would tell them to be prepared for a brand new experience in learning. that this is a new method that is more helpful and you learn at the rate you can by watching videos and having the ability to rewind, pause, etc. that this method teaches you to become more prepared and responsible in doing hw.
  • What i would tell them would be how the videos were explained clearly and the benefits of a recorded video has to a student who doesn't understand the concept very well. The benefits would be that the recorded video would have a replay button and it will always be there whenever needed. Another thing i would mention would be that when coming into class i would talk about the concept with 3 other students and ask or answer questions about the current concept about the homework or about how to solve the problem in the SSS. In addition, i would mention the help i would get from the teacher, Mrs. Kirch, when it comes to the Homework/Classwork given.
  • I would most likely tell them to really watch the videos not copy from someone else or pretend to watch it when they didn't because for one, it will be obvious and you'll get caught, but most of all because you won't truly learn the material. Which would result in doing poorly in the class but also feel like a fool when you know you are able to do it and it's all just basically given to you and all you have to do is watch, listen and learn. 
  • I would tell them to follow and keep on track of learning the videos everyday and don't procrastinate your homework at the last minute.
  • i would say even though you might not like it, you need to do it because thats the only way you'll learn
  • I would tell them to watch the videos if they want to learn the materials; unless they wish to learn themselves without the videos.

Responses from Week 11 (4/21/12)
  • I would tell them what the flipped classroom is and how it is more beneficial than a regular classroom.  I would tell them how the process goes and what you do everyday. I would tell them that they would watch a video everyday and come to class prepared to talk about it and do the homework
  • I would say that flipped classroom requires a lot of responsibility on the students' part because it is their responsibility to watch the videos at home.  It's really easy to blow it off (especially with the new WSQ system) but when you do, it adds up quickly and a red signature may only be a loss of 1 point but it adds up.
  • I would tell them that the flipped classroom helps a lot and its a better concept then learning all at one time in class.....
  • I would tell students that this is not any regular math class where you're left to struggle on your own.  There are so many resources that even if you do struggle on some concepts, there are ways to learn the concept even if it isn't directly from Mrs. Kirch.  I would also tell them that although there are so many resources, the only way to pass this class, or any class, is to use those resources.  (I would also tell them to look out for Mrs. Kirch handing out "fake" tardy cards and standing at the doorway to watch students' reactions even though it's always so much fun.)
  • I would tell them that it does help in the long run. Not only are you able to ask for help in class, but you can also review the problems and material covered by rewatching the videos. Plus, there are extra links on edmodo, so there's always sources that can help you. Furthermore, for those cheaters and sneaky snakes, I would tell them that it does catch up with you. It gets harder and harder to sneak by, and it's just easier to do your homework on time. Also, make sure that you actually pay attention, because it actually does matter. It's not fair to you or to your group if you didn't do your work. 
  • i would tell the students that flipped classroom is something to take advantage of, because they will have all the resources necessary to succeed in the class it will just be up to them to take responsibility. I would also tell them that they need to have good time management because it is important to stay on schedule with what needs to be done. But overall it's a great new experience that will just take time to adapt to.
  • I really liked flipped classroom. It helped me learn better because i could slow the lesson and be able to repeat things that in class would have been missed if one does not pay attention. 
  • I would tell them it really does help if you give your undivided attention to the video. Also that it helps without all the distraction of school and the people. Its a quicker way to learn about things because there are no interuptions. If you are able to explain it in a detailed summary then you have fully learned the concept.
  • I would tell them that the flipped classroom is a good way to teach however at times its nice to have a traditional lecture. What's beneficial is when you are able to finish your work on time and get help at the moment you need it. However, at times when you watch the video at night you have questions that you forget the next morning or like me, when i sometimes forget how we got from one step to another. Luckily we have group discussions in which help us with it
  • I would tell the students that it was a great experience, and it was something that i would try again in any class. it was a good thing that we were introduced to this new type of teaching because whenever we need help we can go back and look at the videos instead of asking. if we need help mrs kirch doesnt have to be there, you can just go back and look at the video. if you are a faster learner then you can watch the next concept.
  • I would tell them that flipped classroom is different. You have to get used to it. Once you do, you realize how fun it is, also  how useful it is. The fact that you can watch your teacher do the problems for you at your own convenience is pretty useful.
  • If i was to come and speak to Mrs.Kirch's class in 2012 i would tell them to be happy for the flipped classroom. I would tell them how easy it is to find the vidoes and what they should be doing while watching them. And that they can go at their own pace. 
[I will update with more responses as they come in!]

And, from one of my freshman students who has been anti-flipping from the beginning... she doesn't ask questions in class, she doesn't participate in group discussions, etc.  But in traditional, she didn't ask any questions in class and didn't participate in discussions.  (But I thought I would share her thoughts anyways!)
  • I would tell them not to vote for the flipped classroom because its hard to understand and if you would teach regular in class you ask questions right away, and the good thing about the flipped classroom is that your only home work is to watch the videos and take notes.


  1. I'm glad you asked. These are good responses. Keep up the great work Crystal.

    1. Thanks Jon! Hoping to get some more responses this next week, I just sent out the question on Friday for students to respond to. I'm also hoping near the end of school to have the students actually put these thoughts on video for me to show at the beginning of next school year. We'll see!! :)


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