Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was able to go to a three-day SIOP training this past summer and took A LOT from it. One of the biggest points was getting our students to do "TWRLS". I had an epiphany earlier this week that my flipped classroom is finally allowing my students to do so.


My students have to think about the content individually before coming to class. They have to try to make connections and ask HOT questions (see link on right) about the material.

My students have to write a summary at the end of each video lesson. We talk in class about what a "great", "good", and "bad" summary are and have them self-evaluate their summaries daily. They add information in that they realize they missed and challenge themselves to put their learning in their own words in writing.

My students have to read about math on a daily basis. They read their summaries and they read their group members summaries, offering critiques, questions, and additions to what they wrote.

Listening and Speaking
My students have to listen and speak to each other on a daily basis. They work in small groups of 3-4 students and are forced to work together and talk about the material. Oftentimes, if a student calls me over to ask a question, I ask the group what they think about it first and we are able to have a discussion.

Previously, I would be the one doing most of the Thinking, Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening, while my students would be passive participants in my daily display of knowledge. Now it is in their hands, and I love the conversations, thinking, and growth that I have seen!!!

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