Friday, May 11, 2012

Biggest Benefit of the Flipped Classroom...

I asked this question of my students:

What has been the biggest BENEFIT for you as a student of doing the Flipped Classroom?

  • The flipped classroom has helped me enormously. Last year, it was really hard because I didn't get how to do the problems. This year, I know how to do them.  I get to interact with others who help me on the problems that I get stuck on.
  • When we learn things in class it tends to take longer, I catch on to certain concepts fast so it helps when I'm allowed to skip ahead and go at my own pace.
  • It gave me a chance to learn in a different way that i wouldn't assume I would enjoy, but I did. The flipped classroom has benefited me by giving me a different perspective towards teachers and the way they teach and giving me a greater respect for them and what they do.
  • As a person I feel that it has helped me because I learn how to work on my time better. 
  • It adds more responsibility to the student, and it builds self-sufficiency since your own grade is on the line. Also, it provides numerous resources to help us on the work (links to outside sources, videos, other practice problems). 
  • Being able to learn at my own pace and being able to handle integrity and responsibility for my own work and most importantly learning how to manage my time
  • It has benefited me as a person because I became a little more independent because i am responsible for learning my own material. If I choose not to, then i am missing out on a whole lesson.

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  1. Those benfits are excellent - responsbility, self-sufficiency, and independent learners are my goal in teaching.


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