Friday, May 18, 2012

What will you miss the most? What did you enjoy the most? #flipclass student thoughts

I asked this question on my Week 15 Reflection - What part of this class do you think you will miss the most?  Which part have you enjoyed the most this year?
  • Flipped classroom and working with others it.
  • I think i will miss the songs and chants and i enjoyed the SSS and flipped classroom videos.
  • I will miss being able to see everyone. The part I enjoyed the most was the friendships I made in this class due to flipped classroom.
  • i think the part I'll miss is having those videos on youtube.
  • At first those songs were not my friends but i think about it and i actually liked them :).. catchy and they had a purpose, very educational "
  • Being able to do the homework in class, and being able to sit wherever we want as long as its with someone you know you can get your work done!
  • I love our seats. We all work together and help each other to finish our work. :) Overall, I've enjoyed that this class has been experiencing new things. We get to do stuff that other classes here at [our high school] don't normally get to do.
  • I think I will miss the open quizzes the most.
  • The part i enjoyed the most this year was learning that not everything will be easy. Also learning that "if its important to you you will find a way, if its not you will find an excuse."
  • i enjoyed being able to watch the video and understanding everything much better.
  • I think i will miss being able to actually do my homework in class rather than at home, I enjoyed being a guinea pig in your process of flipped class rooms
  • The part of the class I will miss most and the part that i enjoyed is WSQ-ing with our groups.
  • I will miss getting ahead and I enjoyed seeing my mom be proud of me for once

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