Thursday, May 17, 2012

END OF YEAR Student Interviews (Part 1, Videos 1-4)

For Students #5-13, see post here

I asked my students the following questions about the Flipped Classroom.  Here is a sneak peek from the first students to jump on the opportunity to interview :)  I will be recording the rest of the students in the next 3-4 weeks as we head into summer break and be posting more videos as they get recorded.

Eventually, I will be putting the videos all together to make a montage of my students to show at the beginning of next year.

Questions answered (in order, in case you just are interested in certain questions):

  1. What is the Flipped Classroom?
  2. What is the best part about the Flipped Classroom?
  3. What part of the Flipped Classroom this last year was most beneficial to you as a student?
  4. What is a WSQ?  What does it look like at home and what do you do with it in class?
  5. Give advice to a student on how to get the most out of the lecture videos.
  6. Give advice to a student on how to get the most out of in class time.
  7. Give advice on using the WSQ charts to a future student.
  8. Give advice on how to succeed in the Flipped Classroom in general to a future student. 
  9. Give advice to students next year on how to get along well with Mrs. Kirch and succeed in her class, flipped or not.

If something my students say really stands out to you, please comment about it by Student # and question/time in video.  Since I will be merging these all together, I will be starting to identify which portions I really want to put together in the final viewing.  I will be adding my thoughts to each video as well. 

KIRCH COMMENTS: This entire interview is just awesome. This kid gets it.
 "Poster child for Flipped Classroom"

KIRCH COMMENTS: #3 (one-on-one conversations!), #8 (take the wheel to your own education), #9 (I just think it's funny that she said "smile at fractions and decimals" :))

KIRCH COMMENTS: #2 (shorter lessons), #3 (take responsibility),  #5 (don't watch them all the way thru at once), #7 (work ahead, focus your work), #8 (accept the change and go with it)

KIRCH COMMENTS: #2 (videos available 24/7, can always go back), #3 (take responsibility for learning), #4 (if you can explain to someone else, you're good), #8 (take responsibility, don't cheat yourself out of anything, watch the videos early), #9 (ask a lot of questions!)

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