Saturday, September 8, 2012

Student Feedback on Flipped Class: Week 3

This week I sent out my first "Reflection & Evaluation" survey to my students.  

I offer them 5 points extra credit (which is basically nothing) to complete it, and it just lets me know how things are going.  As of now (Sat night), I have 13 responses (3 from Algebra 1 and 10 from Math Analysis).  I'll update this post as more come in before I close the survey on Sunday night.

QUESTION 1. Every day we have "WSQ chats" in your group.  What is the BEST/most helpful part of the chats for you and what suggestions do you have to make them better?

  • The best part of the WSQ chat is summarizing the material without looking at your notes and then referring back to notes when needed. The most helpful part is a chance for clarification for any questions on the material learned the previous night. To make WSQ chats better I would suggest an extra practice problem to do that would challenge each group to think critically about the math concept learned.
  • The best and most helpful parts of the WSQ chats is that we get to go over the lesson and we get to see what we all learned.
  • That if people know what they're doing in the concept they can tell people in the group that dont know and help them out.
  • The most helpful part of the chats is when we think about the questions and answer it together. It shows that we understand the concept. I think we should have more time to work on the PQ and the Quizzes in class. 
  • The most helpful part is that we are able to discuss similar confusion of the material. Its great to receive help from our group because we are all learning together so one of us might understand it better and help the rest. I think the chats are already great but maybe they could be better by discussing with different people from other groups.
  • When we ask questions and when we fix each others mistakes. To focus better.
  • The most helpful part are the Hot questions. When i have a question I know that one of my group members will be able to answer it, like K___. I think everything is fine, no need to make it better.
  • The best/most helpful parts are if you don't understand something from last night I know I can ask you the next day.
  • The best part of the chats is verbalizing what you know to ensure you know it well. 
  • I don't have any suggestions for the WSQ chats but I assume they will get better as we get to more difficult topics and feel the need to verbalize the topics for our own understanding.
  • The best part of the WSQ chats is that we can see how the students in our group solve each problem in their individual way. It also helps because if I don't get a problem or am confused on a concept my group takes the time to explain the problem to me step by step. 
  • The best and the most helpful part of the chats is that we get an opportunity to discuss with our classmates nay questions we have. I like the fact that we have our classmates to help each other out and when I have a problem, the chat is a way to better understand what I was confused about. 
  • I feel it is helpful in that we are able to discuss our struggles with the concept at hand and receive outside input on how to do a certain problem or answer a certain question. Possibly, we can conduct our "WSQ chats" in a different manner from time to time to prevent them from becoming trite and commonplace.
  • The best thing about having these chats with out group is that we actually correct each other and come up with ways that will help us to remember how to do things when we take quizzes or the test. It is also very helpful because we help each other a lot and are able to explain problems with in our group which does help a lot. 
  • The best part of the WSQ chats is that your classmates can help you answer your questions or confusions. Also, you feel more comfortable asking your classmates question than asking your teacher and you have more fun. 
  • I think the most helpful part is that if you didn't understand a concept your group can help you understand it better. I like it when I get my questions answered that I really don't get it so it helps my overall understanding of the lesson. 
  • For me its fun finding out our mistakes. 
  • Best part would be the Hot Questions, because when your peers answer your question I feel I understand it better through common explanation. 
  • Answering our HOT questions
  • Doing the problems with in the group.
  • The most helpful part of the WSQ chats is the clarification i get get on a certain topic from my team members. Also, when i am behind a little bit on certain work, they let me know what i am to do to stay on top of things. My suggestions to make it better would be having time to work on the PQS together as a group. 
  • The most helpful parts of the WSQ chat is being able to discuss the concept with my classmates. I feel it doesn't need to be changed it is good as is.

QUESTION 2. How are you feeling about math class in general?  Do you feel like it is a positive environment?  Do you feel like you WANT to learn?  Do you feel like you CAN learn?  Please tell me how you are feeling.

  • Overall, I do not love the flipped classroom, but I do like that Mrs. Kirch is able to go around and help us as much as she can. The classroom is definitely a positive environment to be in and motivates me to keep working. I feel like I CAN learn because everyone around me manages to stay on task since we are all busy working on different things.  My only problem with the flipped classroom is that I feel homework (watching videos at home) takes up a lot of my time even though the videos are not very lengthy. I feel like doing lectures in an environment at home is not the best place for everyone.
  • Math has always been hard for me to learn, but this year I feel like as if I could take my time and learn the things I don't understand. The class room always has a positive environment. And I do feel like as if I want to learn and I know I can learn because this new way of doing math is much easier than what I used to do before.
  • I love MATH so it is a positive environment to me. Of course, I feel like I want to learn and there are many new things in Math Analysis. I will try my best to get use to the "flipped classroom" and do my best. Math is a very interesting and mysterious.
  • I have a different feeling in math class compared to the two previous years and feel like i have to put in even more effort. I feel it is a very positive environment because even though we are learning at our own pace, in the classroom we get help from classmates and Mrs. Kirch.   I feel like i want to learn and understand math analysis and i feel i will be able to do it. The flipped classroom is still new to me and at times i think it is a little stressful but i honestly feel that by doing the WSQ and discussion chats, the material is easier to understand and that makes me feel confident in doing well.
  • I feel positive about this year because I have all the resources that I need. And I can get help at lunch before school and afterschool.;) it's a positive enviroment
  • The math class in general is filled with energy, I'm still adapting to my environment. I do feel that I do want to learn more, and the videos really do help me ALOT.
  • I like the flipped classroom it's really cool. I've never been in a class like that and it's very helpful because you can pause and forward if you get stuck. And if you don't understand, then I know I can email you, text you or call you. 
  • As of now, I feel pretty good about it. Thus far my class is focused and we finish what we need to get done. Again, as the concepts get harder we will see how learning by video goes.
  • The environment of the math class is positive; I also feel that it is helpful because of the many  resources I have to ask for help.  
  • I feel pretty good about math class in general. I feel like it is a positive and helpful environment. I feel like a want to learn and also help others learn. I feel that I can learn and have other classmates to learn from as well. So far I am enjoying my math class. 
  • I'm feeling confident in my ability to learn and succeed in math this year. I feel like there is a good learning environment created for me and it is up to me to effectively utilize it.
  • I like math and enjoy being in this math class. I do feel like i am in a positive environment because there are people around us to help us if we have a question and Mrs. Kirch is almost always available. I do feel like the flipped classroom does help me learn a little more because we are able to focus ourselves to the video at home as if it were one on one tutoring without the distractions in a classroom. 
  • I LOVE my math class. It is a positive environment that make me want to learn and also do to  my best on every single assignment because I feel like the class is very competitive. 
  • I like how we discuss the concept in class and work on PQ problems, however I feel that there is so much going on because you have quizzes, PQ problems, WSQs, WPPs, etc. Yes, I feel like it's a positive environment and that everyone is trying to help you at the best of their ability. I want to learn and can learn because I am focused in doing all that's required. I feel positive about everything despite the workload.
  • I am feeling pretty confident this year.  Yes,this is a very positive environment,  yes,me and my peers can learn.  I am loving this class.  
  • I feel like I have many resources and Mrs.Kirch is very flexible, which is always appreciated. 
  • Math class is a positive environment and a little chaotic sometimes, I do feel like i can and want to learn in the class.
  • I am feel great, thanks for asking. I feel like I'm going to do good this year in your class.
  • I feel a little concern because i am afraid i will get behind on work at home. The environment is gentle, a little stressful at times. I honestly do feel like i want to learn, yet sometimes i feel like i don't learn as much as want to. overall, i spend as much time as i can to stay consistent with the work, and my main concern is completing the work at home. 
  • So far math class has been okay. The work isn't very difficult, but having so many different assignments to turn in get me very confused. I feel though that I can still learn math, and adjust to the changes.

Other quotes:

  • I'm faster when the teacher just shows me and i do 20 some questions...
    • From me: And as soon as I read this, I thought... "And this is why I do the flipped classroom.  Because it's not about getting a bunch of problems done and memorizing rote facts and processes... it's about deeper learning and understanding!"
  • I really admire how Mrs. Kirch always has a smile on her face and a silly sense of humor. She keeps the class moving and does not stand up and talk too much.
    • From me: And I think I'm standing up and talking too much right now! It's nice to hear this perspective already!
  • Although i haven't taken the quizzes yet, i feel they will be helpful in order to prepare us for the unit test. Also, doing the WPP is new to me but  i think it is helpful because we are writing our own problems to show we understand the concept and how to solve the problem correctly by ourselves. 
    • From me: Yay for students understanding why I am making them write their own problems!  Woo hoo!
  • I think the whole processs of a flipped classroom is really helpful in learning and I love the fact that we have WSQ chats. 
    • From me: I love that students are loving the WSQ chats!
  • I think its kind of too much, as in websites and like WPPs kinda too much on our plate to be having to also keep up with these. 
    • From me:  They'll get used to it. :) I have a lot of patience and flexibility with them as they are learning.
  • i like your class.
    • From me: Yay :)


  1. Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for sharing this feedback. Your confidence in sharing everything you do is very admirable.
    I have done some surveying with my kids but I really like how you framed your second question. You have given them an opportunity to be critical but reinforce that it is always about THEIR learning. I look forward to using this question with my kids.
    How do you access the feedback from kids who are reluctant to post? You may have explained this elsewhere and if so, just direct me there.
    Finally, I feel that the videos I have watched of yours are very clear. I would think that you would be an excellent, engaging lecturer. What convinced you to flip?
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Blaise,
      Thanks for your comment. Every week or so, I send out this optional reflection for students to do, and usually will get between 20-30 responses total over the weekend (I didn't warn my kids this was coming, just sent it out on Edmodo, so I wasn't expecting too big of a turnout this week. I'm pleasantly surprised). However, once every grading period (6 weeks) or at least twice a semester I will send out a mandatory one that counts as an assignment grade. That way the students who don't like to comment normally are "forced" to do it.
      Thanks for the compliments on my videos. I hope the students feel the same way ;). I always enjoyed lecturing and teaching in front of the class, but I struggled with several things:
      1. Never feeling like I had enough time in class to cover what I wanted. Always fighting against the bell.
      2. Never feeling like I gave my kids enough time to process what they learned and practice the problems with some form of guidance before sending them off to practice on their own.
      3. Feeling like I was the one doing most of the math in class while the students watched (even with the different strategies I implemented for student participating and involvement)
      4. Knowing that as engaging as I might have been, I was still teaching to the middle, boring some kids and totally losing others.

      So, when I came across the flipped classroom a year ago, I thought it would be a great shift that would accomplish some things I wasn't able to ... and so far I'm loving it!

  2. I think the second question is where I need to spend some time QUESTION 2. How are you feeling about math class in general? Do you feel like it is a positive environment? Do you feel like you WANT to learn? Do you feel like you CAN learn? Please tell me how you are feeling.

    As an individual, I need to connect with the feelings of students more. I think I might be doing a little google form tomorrow for a couple of my classes. Thanks for the idea of reflection/evaluation at an earlier time than I would have considered it.


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