Monday, September 10, 2012

Questions, Questions, Questions... getting HOTter!

My Math Analysis students are really coming along pretty well in terms of what I want for the WSQ chats in class. I don't feel I have had to train too much... mainly just re-focus and tweak as things go along.  What I am really happy about this year is I'm not hearing the complaining every day of:

"I didn't have a question."
"I hate asking questions."
"Why do we have to ask a question?"

My students actually seem to really enjoy the WSQ discussions, collaborating with their classmates, and asking their questions.

Today, we did a little review of the whole unit at the end of their WSQ chat and I asked them in their large groups to each look through their seven individual questions and pick THREE that were their "favorite".  I described a "favorite" as one that they had a really good discussion about, one that is really important to understand, or ones they think their classmates should discuss.

They wrote them on the whiteboards.

Tomorrow, for our last day on Unit E, these questions will serve the basis of their WSQ chats.  I'm excited :)

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