Monday, September 10, 2012

A note to my students...

 Inspired by the #flipclass chat tonight, I sent this note out to my students on Edmodo tonight.

Just some thoughts for you as we are in our third week of the flipped classroom... 
With all your work, it's less about "getting it done" and more about "proving to me that you've mastered it".  Keep that in mind as you continue to transition to our new way of teaching and learning through the Flipped Classroom.  You have all been doing a pretty good job so far.  Remember...
1. The responsibility for learning is now "flipped" to you.  You have to manage your time to make sure to get the assignments done.  You should be working hard in my class from bell to bell - if not, you are probably falling behind and not doing what you are supposed to.  There should be no "free time" in class, although there is a lot of "flex time" - time for you to get done what you need to get done. 
2. The focus of class time is now "flipped" to you instead of me. Class time is for YOU to get YOUR questions answered rather than just listening to me.  Make sure you are doing that!  You should come to class with questions to be answered, and leave class with those questions answered fully and deeply.  Don't settle for anything less!
3. The focus of our work and conversations is "flipped" to higher-level thinking rather than simple "answers" and "worksheets".  It is important that you are able to show your work, explain your work, and really connect the concepts together.  While you may have never had discussions in your math class before, they are incredibly important to developing a deeper understanding of the math and not just "going through the motions" like you are used to. 


  1. This is just beyond awesome!!!
    and what we should all be expecting of our kids!

  2. Since I'm getting a BUNCH of new students today (week 5) and I'll have to do a mini "first day", I will be borrowing much of this wholesale. (I'll give you credit and say that we're working our way to #3.


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