Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 comments that have kept me going...

I've run in to 3 of my former students in the last 4 days, and it's comments like these that keep me going through all the ups and downs of teaching...

1. Friday night - student at football game.  Currently a freshman in college, had him 2 years ago when he was a junior.

"Mrs. Kirch! You won't believe it!  I'm taking Calc I again in college and I'm in the class with a bunch of juniors and seniors, but I'm the smartest one in there.  Everything you taught me in your class is helping me so much!"

2. This afternoon - student came up after school.  Currently a senior in high school, had her last year.  This student openly disliked the flipped classroom at the end of the year.

Me: "So do you miss the flipped classroom yet?"
Student: "Yeah, kind of.  Calculus is so hard!  But, everything you made us do is really helping me.  I feel much more prepared than some of the other students."

3. This afternoon - student came up after school.  Currently a freshman in college, had her last year as a senior.  This was my biggest complainer all year (she had the same math teacher for three years in a row before me, so that was an adjustment in itself... then the whole flipped classroom just sent her for a loop!).

Student: "Whenever my friends need help in math I send them straight to your videos"
Me: "So does that mean you've changed your mind about the flipped classroom?"
Student: "No, I would still rather be taught traditionally.  But, your videos are really helpful. 

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