Sunday, August 16, 2015

CUE Rock Star Black Label - TOSA: Sunday afternoon (Shareology- Exploring the Art of Effective Communication)

Shareology- Exploring the Art of Effective Communication
Lisa Highfill
Lisa's Website

  • Idea with padlet: students just write their names on the padlet post and then drag it to one part of the "graphic organizer" you have put as the background (yes/no columns, 4 corners, etc).
  • How do you communicate? Padlet Idea Wall
    • Ideas I use already that I love:
      • Trello
      • Doodle
      • Slack
      • Voxer
      • Remind
    • Ideas shared on this Linoit wall and this Sharefest Doc. Some that I want to look at or try:
      • Droptask
      • "Sometimes I send emails and it is too hard to explain what you want in great detail. I use Movenote- an extension that will add a video message to your email!"
      • "Hashtag in your google calendar. It's easier to search. For example, monthly dept meetings #CIA, all your meeting with show."
      • Tech Minute YouTube playlist

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