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CUE Rock Star Black Label - TOSA: Sunday morning (Pretzels and Peanuts: How to make sure everyone at the bar is thirsty: lessons from a seasoned drink mixer)

Pretzels and Peanuts: How to make sure everyone at the bar is thirsty: lessons from a seasoned drink mixer

David Theriault
David's Blog

  • Always take your pictures landscape.  Why? Because you're going to put them in a presentation or a keynote, and you want to use them later :)
  • For PD with teachers:
    • DON'T talk about the APP first, talk about the PROBLEM first!
    • "Do you struggle with _____________"  "I have an app for that"
    • Rather than "Come learn about [this app]"
  • Use short videos at the beginning of PD that will help set the mood and get teachers ready for the day.
    • Find them on YouTube, Vimeo
  • Speed Dating / Speed Geeking
    • Traditional Speed Dating Setup
    • 10 rooms, 10 topics to choose from, 10 minutes only.  1 minute rotations.  4 sessions (less than an hour).  Students can do things!!  Don't all have to do with tech.
  • Twitter Chats on campus
    • All in the same room (cafeteria) - thread projected on screen.  For those that aren't on Twitter, write their answer on paper and have someone on Twitter take a picture of their writing to include them in the chat.
    • Run a "Slow Chat" (weeklong twitter chat)
  • Takeaways from PD sessions:
    • Write down what they want to implement on the block.
    • Write down the "stumbling block" that will hinder them from implementing it
    • Discuss and decide how to change the "stumbling block" to a "building block"
  • Thinklink:
    • Use for sharing resources 
    • Interesting idea about a way to present information to teachers... hmm...
David's Thinglink

Our Thinglink

See David's Thinglink above for links about these.
  • Getting Teachers on Twitter 
    • David used a Bacon Doughnut Twitter Hunt... tweeted that there were doughnuts hiding in teacher's classroom who did use twitter.  They could go get a doughnut if they learned about Twitter.  Got a few more teachers on Twitter ;)  Find the "bait" to pull them in.
  •  High Five Challenge: Give high fives or handshakes to every single student every day for a month.  
    • Empathy is huge - they have to know you care about them and not just your job.
    • Even if it seems like it's not "productive" (going out to lunch, informal conversation) - this is huge because it shows you care about them and not just getting them to do things.
  • Involuntary Curiosity Sparks - read this article later
  • Javier Perez on Instagram - draws pictures out of ordinary objects.  We all had to do it... here is my attempt at drawing...

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