Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Digital Learning Coach (Take 5 - the Final Day!)

Whew! I've made it - blogging through a week of my crazy and exciting new position!

 (Read about the whole week: Day 1,  Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5)

This has been a very valuable experience for me, to really think through what I am doing day in and day out, and what I really actually accomplish every day, especially when it seems so busy.  It was also very clear to me that I just don't stop. I don't take breaks.  I work during lunch.  That is something I am going to be more mindful of - yes I have a lot of work to do, but it is also important for me to take a break.  I'm going to try and actually take a break from working during lunch.

I hope this week has given those who aren't coaches the idea of what our world is like, and those who are coaches another idea of what a coach's day is like.  If you are a coach, I challenge you to blog through your week (and share it with me!).

Okay, so here's Friday!

7:20 Arrive on campus

7:25 Turn on computer, listen to a voicemail, open my tabs for the day

7:28 Math Teacher pops in needing help with the Illuminate online testing for today, so we log in and go through the Student Portal Page, the Assessment details page, and how students log on.  Hoping it goes well!

7:35 Update my Doodle Calendar for the next couple of weeks.  This is working pretty well for teachers setting appointments with me. It's easy to update week by week, I can set it so only one teacher can choose each spot, and I can list time slots by period "Period 2" "period 3", etc instead of putting actually times.  I just made a shortlink.  I delete the teacher's name from the signups once I've met with them and delete the days as they pass to help it stay cleaned up.

7:45 out to meet with my Music Fellow!

She wasn't there... which was really weird.  I stayed for 10 minutes, left her a note, and came back.

7:55 Call the teacher I was working on Illuminate with back - the student wifi network is currently down, so they can't take an online assessment... awesome!

8:00 Work on getting my Student Tech Team meeting reminders out for next week - our first meeting is Wednesday!

8:12 Get an email from a different teacher about how the internet is down and they can't do the class activities they planned
8:13 Get yet another email from another teacher about how the internet is down and they can't do the class activities they planned

8:16 My music fellow calls me; she had to cover a teacher's class.  We postpone our meeting until next week.

8:23 Discover "Form Notifications" Add-On to Google Forms - you can send notifications to multiple email addresses when forms are submitted.  This solves one of my husband's problems! Yay!

8:27 Unsubscribe from another 200 emails using :)

8:32 Out to help a fellow w/ Illuminate Assessment stuff.

8:40 Out to help a long term sub with her microphone and the Epson Interactive Tools for the whiteboard

9:18 On to help a fellow with more Illuminate Issues

9:35 back to office with another email from a teacher about internet issues.  This is a fun day :)

I don't know what I did for the next hour but my life is crazy.  Ran out to several math teachers classrooms to help them with Illuminate stuff..

11-12:20 Went to fellow's classroom.  For 4th period, did a model lesson of teacher-guided Socrative.  For 5th period, we co-taught for the first 10 minutes and then she continued on.  She really loved what she saw, so I'm excited to debrief next week.  We are trying some different activities (Space Race, Student Directed) on Socrative next week on Wednesday and Thursday

12:20-12:30 Popped in to help a fellow with AERIES.  They switched to the new AERIES this year with no training for teachers, so it's another thing we are trying to provide support on amongst going 1-to-1 and so much else!

12:35 Kit Kats! Ha.  Office Staff Chocolate sharing time :)

12:40 Made copies for trainings on Monday.  Got to unjam copy machine for the first time - wahoo. I'm still trying to get into Discovery Education yet again.  I haven't even gotten to look at it and I'm supposed to help teachers with it Monday. Lovely :)

The rest of the day was a blur with trying to get stuff done... planning for trainings, finishing slides, gathering examples of Socrative quizzes and Google Forms.  I finally got in to Discovery Streaming by borrowing a fellow's account so I researched and printed different user guides and training guides that I will be studying and practicing with tomorrow.

I also had time to go through the staff's tech inventory as we are trying to redistribute the document cameras so teachers who are going to use the features of the Aver camera have an Aver to use.  We also have microphones (around the neck) for all teachers, but many say they don't have them, so we have to track them down and figure that out.

2:40 Met w/ fellow and debriefed on Google forms, reviewed conditional formatting & vlookup.  She has been really happy with the information and data she has been able to collect using Google Forms, so we are going to continue with that and Padlet for a while.  A different math fellow popped in and we went over the Unit Circle quiz she made on a Google Form yesterday and how to share it, make the answer key for Flubaroo, and make sure she felt okay about it all.

3:37 come in to pack up for the day and head to class!  I had class (for my Admin program) from 5-8pm on Friday and 8-4 on Saturday... and I was up from 1:30-3:30 with a feverish, chilled little boy :( hoping that the rest of this weekend brings some REST for all of us!

thanks for joining me on my journey of "A Day in the Life" for this week!  I challenge you to do it as well, and share it out!

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