Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Digital Learning Coach (Take 2)

Day 2 of "A Day in the Life"... (Read about the whole week: Day 1,  Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5)

Today was a productive day in the morning and a crazy day in the afternoon.  I was in meetings with teachers from 12:15-3:45 straight.  Fun, engaging, enjoyable... but crazy!

7:20 arrive on campus and stop by my office

7:25 head to the same teacher's classroom I was working with yesterday to finish taking care of things for his Haiku page.  I talked him through making a copy of his class and adding rosters so hopefully he will be able to do it independently at the beginning of next year

7:45 arrive back at my office and turn on my computer. IT guy stops by and we talk about several issues, including teachers having the "right" document camera (that also does recording), missing teacher microphones, and ways to set up the doc cam with all the cords.  Fun stuff. I need to follow up and talk with the AP later today about all of it

8:05 Chat with JR about Monday's PD that I've set up.

8:11 Work on going through some documents and reformatting a Microsoft Word doc imported into Google Docs... One thing I don't like about Google Docs :(

8:39 Getting to work on my (hopefully completed) task for today - going through my notes from the Steve Leinwand presentation from last week.  Or was it the week before? Ack!!

8:41 PE teacher stopped by to check in with his Haiku assessments he just did today. Overall they went well, just one student whose internet disconnected and they didn't know what to do. I showed him how to reset the internet on the laptop.

8:43 back to work. This led me to exploring the 3-Act math tasks and other problem-solving / modeling tasks and trying to figure out how these can be incorporated in my fellow's classrooms.

9:35  Fellow pops in for a quick chat.

9:39 Discuss coaching with JR, come up with some discussion prompts for reflection for fellows. It's a really good conversation trying to think through working with different people and their pace/progress/needs.

10:33 Break time - go to the library to provide any tech support needed.

10:48 Work with a teacher on her Haiku rosters.  It's funny how many teachers I'm working with on that 8 weeks into the school year, but now that they want to start using Assessments and such, it's necessary.  I'm definitely thinking through how to make it more efficient/effective at the end of this year and beginning of next year.

11:12 back to my office and trying to figure out the slowness of my computer. I have too many tabs open.  I close everything down and start over.

11:23 Have to go in the back end to that teacher's haiku rosters to figure out what is going on.  Easy fix, just hard to describe

11:28 Lunch break and phone chat all at the same time!

11:30 Chat w/ Delaine Johnson about MIE and GAFE since she has experience with both.

12:05 Chat with JR some more about fellow stuff

12:20 Meeting w/ English Fellow.  Discussed implementation of Discussions on Haiku for Outside Reading Book Groups.  Talked about how to get students in the routine of getting started right when they come into class.  Found sentence frames for discussion that we put into a document to post on Haiku and start having students use.

1:10 Meeting with History Fellow. We are supposed to try out and play with Thinglink, but the internet is down.  Just our luck.  We talk through what he wants to do with it and make plans for the next couple of weeks.  We also get to talk about Kahoot, Socrative, and InfuseLearning, and the pros/cons of each and why each have their place as a formative assessment tool.  I bring up paperless assignments with Google Drive but it doesn't fit into the workflow at this point in time.

2:00 Meeting with 2 math teachers to go over Examview import into Haiku for assessments and google forms.  One of the math teachers wasn't there so he will just have to catch up from the other one.  Made a "practice" assessment and talked about some of the kinks that need to be worked out.  Only had about 3 minutes to show Google forms and talk about its use.  Will need to follow up on that later

2:32 Other teacher shows up.  He was sitting in on another math teacher's class who was actually implementing my Desmos Trig Graph Exploration activity.  Excited/Interested to hear how it goes.  Shared my kirchmathanalysis.blogspot.com page with him as a resource.

2:42 Head to one of my math fellows for the last meeting of the day.  She has some emails to take care of so I take care of my emails as well!  And reflect on the day :)

3:02 A different fellow comes in and went end up talking about Desmos and Peer Instruction and a bunch of my old Math analysis activities. Fun times.  We also talk about the fact it's okay to just let things "percolate" for a while and not always try new things...

3:35 I realize I need to go and we reschedule the official fellow meeting for the next day

3:37 Back in my office and a science teacher pops in to chat for a few minutes.  We talk about sending emails to parents via AERIES and then just my position and how things and going and such.
3:50 Call my husband and apologize for being so late (I was supposed to leave at 3:15).  But, he says he will pick up Chipotle for dinner! Yay!

My brain is so full and my to-do list just got longer as the afternoon wore on, instead of getting shorter.  It's okay - there's always tomorrow :)

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