Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Digital Learning Coach (Take 3)

We were up most of the night from 11pm-4am with a sick, hungry, feverish 17 month old, so I'm exhausted today.  Thankfully my husband took most of the 1am-4am shift, I only had to get up around 3 I think.

Third day's the charm, right?  (Read about the whole week: Day 1,  Day 2Day 3, Day 4, Day 5)

Today was a "late start", so I went to my site (Beckman) for the first part of the day to visit any departments that needed support.  Then, I headed to the DLC main site (Estock) for our weekly collaboration and meeting time.  It's our one time a week for all of us to get together, chat about what's going on, share ideas, etc.  It's a little loud and crazy, and I usually leave Wednesday with a longer to-do list than I started, but it's very valuable conversation and much needed sharing.

7:14 arrive on campus, go to office to get some webpages open for today

7:20 long term sub stops by to ask about some student tech issues.  Tell him that the IT guy is in the library every day during break for help.

7:26 head out to science to preview the Hour of Code for them

7:30 Present Hour of Code Basics. They seem interested, so we will see how it goes

7:47 head to PE department

7:50-8:28 PE wiki projects - Strength & Conditioning students will all be choosing one lift to demonstrate and describe on video and then add to the collaborative class page.  Racquet sports students will be finding a resource about Badminton online, categorizing it into one of four categories, and posting it to their class page.  Aerobics students will be coming up with an activity that demonstrates different aspects of things they've learned, videotaping it, and posting it on the class page.

8:28 chat w/ spanish teacher about programs on her mac.  Forget that she can probably just connect using Apple TV until our conversation is over.

8:35 head out to chat with one of my math fellows about her lesson later today.

8:43 head to Estock, which is where we meet every Wednesday as a team of DLCs (there are 15 of us)

8:55 arrive at Estock and get set up

9:00 go over awesome screenshot and Aver recording with one of my DLC colleagues

9:07 to work on my to-do list!  Wednesdays are the days I am in the office with the rest of the DLCs so we can collaborate

Whew - Tenmarks, DLC collaboration about fellow progress, AERIES, replying to lots of emails and teacher requests... busy day!

10:30 DLC staff meeting

12:00 staff meeting ends, work on my "business card" for DLC site on

12:15 head out to lunch.  Yep, I actually got to eat lunch out today and socialize. I love Cafe Rio :)

1:00 head back to Beckman, which is my home base

1:15 check in with one of my fellows on discussion board posts.  We find out how to do so many cool things, including rating posts, looking at all the posts one student has made, etc.  We decide how she can evaluate the posts based on how many they are supposed to have per week and the quality

1:40 Head to my math fellow's classroom for our meeting.  She is running a few minutes late so I'm able to check my email.  We use this meeting to reflect on the tech we've done so far this year and which ones we want to keep pushing forward with.  She is really love using Google Forms, especially as openers, and is getting more confident with conditional formatting, vlookup, and embedding them on Haiku.  She also is liking making quick videos with her document camera to post on Haiku.  I show her how add homework to the calendar just as quickly as how she was doing it before, but this time it shows up on the students' master calendar as well.

2:10 head over for the last 10 minutes of another math fellow's pre-cal class.  They are just reviewing some homework problems, and some students are finishing up the Desmos Trig Graphing Exploration activity that I had created last year.

2:25 Head over to yet another math fellow's class for our weekly meeting.  We plan out the next week and a half of Algebra 2 and plan 3 different Socrative review activities for the week and start putting them together.  We also talk about collecting students' class notes and scanning in a "model" copy to post on Haiku so absent students and parents have "proof" or examples of what was gone over in class.

4:10 head back to my office.  Long meeting but really good

4:15 finally head home...

I take the wrong exit direction on the way home and end up getting on the toll road. Argh. Long day and my mind was busy.  Thankfully it was only a $1.92 mistake, but it was also a 15 minutes time lost mistake :(

Home, tired, and ready for bed!!!

Just another day in the life :)

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