Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reflections on Recent Readings (weekly)

  • fun activity idea. Low prep needed, can use for Alg1 Quadratics or Alg2 Quadratics / Polynomials / even Rational Functions
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    • Instructional coaches are not guides by the side or mentoring buddies.  They coach; they train; they teach.  Football season is here.  A typical professional football team has 18 assistant coaches.  Their job is to impart knowledge and skills, to train and bring out the potential in every player and mold them into a team that achieves success together.
    • Effective teachers make the difference.  Trained teachers are effective teachers.  Districts that provide structured, sustained training for their teachers achieve what every school district seeks to achieve—improving student learning through effective teaching.
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    • Motivation has to be intrinsic all the time; this is a particular challenge.
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    • “It wasn’t enough to share my ideas as a teacher; I had to figure out why those ideas work.”
    • “I had to keep reminding myself the instruction was my focus and the content was the teacher’s focus. I can work on instruction regardless of the content.”
  • simple, straightforward, and to the point. I think all teachers should do something like this!
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    • One of the biggest overlaps between teaching and coaching is the fact that both depend heavily on relationships.
    • While you might have some goals in mind, make sure that you don’t lose sight of the goals that teachers have as well.
    • I like the structure and even refined it a bit so that I mostly try to give “considerations” in the form of questions.
    • Asking more questions, instead of giving suggestions, has helped me shift from acting like an expert with all the answers (not my goal at all!) to being more collaborative.
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