Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Notes & Reflections: The Art of Coaching (Chapter 11: Directive Coaching Conversations)

I've never blogged my notes and thoughts through a book, but I figure there's never a better time than NOW!

My goal is to create a reference & reflective place for me as I continue growing as a coach.

See my notes from all book chapters on my Coaching Page.

Direct quotes from the book are in blue.

  • Directive coaching is useful when a fellow has a "mental model" that hinders their ability to experience transformation.
    • Mental Model / Mindset: "our values, beliefs, and a series of assumptions about how the world works" (page 198) 
    • Goal is to help fellows make their mental models visible, see if there is anything problematic with the current mental model, and explore how to change / replace / demolish current mental models
    • We can't approach it as "destroy the current mental model" without building another mental model for them... they must have somewhere else to go!
    • We must have a "potent combination of toughness and compassion" (page 202) 
    • Confrontational Approach - "Interrupting"
      • Questions on pages 202-203
    • Informative Approach - Imparting knowledge and information.  Proceed with caution that we aren't just telling them what to do. We must build fellows' capacity to be autonomous!!!
      • Aguilar mentioned it is easy for a coach to fall into the trap of just telling a fellow what to do.  Instead, we need to use questioning techniques to help the fellows make their own decisions, with us providing information and insight along the way to help them in that journey.
      • Question starters on page 204
    • Prescriptive Approach - Give directions, recommendations, or advice; focus on directing behavior and not beliefs or being
      • Sometimes we have to give advice in this stance, and we must make sure it is "caring, candid, practical, wise, and well-timed - given only when a client is open to hearing it" (page 205)
      • Question starters on page 205

...Until Chapter 12...

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