Monday, October 27, 2014

Using Diigo to give feedback on student blogs...

Short & Sweet Post Today -

I was just thinking yesterday that Diigo would have been a great tool to use to give feedback on my students' math blogs... All I would have to do was bookmark them, tag them (probably with student name & blog topic so I could sort easily by either one), and then I could highlight key things they said, comment on specific parts of the post, pose follow-up questions, etc!  Rather than keeping my comments to myself on my grading rubric, and having a hard time pointing to specific parts of the post, I could share the annotated link with the student and they could get detailed, specific, descriptive feedback.  In addition, if we used Diigo groups with a class, they could add comments back, and classmates could discuss and evaluate each others' posts.  All the comments and highlights would remain private to the students within the group.

Now, I haven't actually used this so I don't know about the workflow and such, but just had to get the idea out there!

See my previous 2 posts on Diigo for more details - a tutorial on how to use it and a mini-unit in English

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