Sunday, October 12, 2014

DLC Goal - Student-led "Genius Bar" (POST IN PROGRESS)

One of the goals I have for this year is to get a student-led "Genius-Bar" type program started up.  The initial goal is to have "students helping students", especially with the brand new roll-out of the 1:1 laptops.  However, from some of my reading, I can see more potential for students helping teachers as well!

I'll be adding more notes and comments to this post as I sort through all the info, but I wanted to at least start with links to some places with great information!

Some great resources can be found at Generation YES:  Huge thanks to Kourtney Bostain for sending me a resource from them on Google Plus that just got me exploring more!

Some other resources I've found:
Some ideas from chatting with Nichole Carter, who has started a "Tech Gurus" student tech support group at her school.  (See her Pinterest board of resources here)
  •  I attempted to get this off the ground last year by getting kids to come in on their own time or as an after school club. I couldn't get ANY takers. This year I am running it through my advisory class, and boy has it taken off like there is no tomorrow.
  • What sort of Training do/should the Tech Gurus have?
    • (Ideal) - have them come in over the summer to give more 1 on 1 training
    • Digital Citizenship - all students have to go through trainings on this, but this can be led by Tech Gurus if they are trained first
    • Care & Maintenance; Responsibility with Device
    • Managing Apps, Setting up GDrive, etc
  • What do the Tech Gurus do throughout the year?
    • Tech Help - Genius Bar during advisory (partner rotation) in the library.  Both students and teachers can come in.
    • Tutorials - They make tutorials on different apps/programs the students might use.  They also help with training modules for parents (even running parent training night this year instead of teachers running it).  Things such as how to access wifi at home, how to use the iPad, how to set up accounts, etc).  Tutorials can also be done through a "speed dating" night where tech guru is set up at a table with a small group and shows them something in 5 minutes or less.  Bell rings and groups rotate.
    • Projects - Tech Gurus make presentations, movies, Aurasma, etc for different events such as Back To School night, Board Meeting, Rotary Club, etc.
  • Other notes:
    • She got them t-shirts and badges as an identifying feature so people recognize them and know they can ask for help
    • Helpful to have people on the team that speak the different languages needed at the school site.

I will continue to add to this post as I gather more ideas and resources and put a plan together for it.  Please comment and add your resources and suggestions!

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