Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FLIPCON14 - WSQing your way to #flipclass success RESOURCES

Had a great time sharing with everyone in person and virtually for #FlipCon14.  Had a few technical snarfs (all my fault), but it was all ok.

For those of you interested in my resources, everything can be found HERE (or below), including my slides and basically anything else that you might have questions about.

Resources and Links
Crystal’s blog
FlipCon14 Google Presentation Slides
Sample Kahoot! (from presentation)
FAQ from my blog (all those acronyms explained!)
Flipped Learning Structure and Flow image (from presentation)
How I set up my classroom
What is a WSQ? (Description for students)
WSQ implementation ideas and resources from other teachers
WSQ chat ideas for classroom discussion
Crystal’s favorite WSQ chat ideas from this year (Pre-Cal)
Comments about the WSQ from 2013-2014 students (spreadsheet)
Detailed blog post on how I structure and organize my online content
Tutorials for Google Form Scripts
My course websites
2013-2014 Sample WSQ charts
WSQ chart templates on TeachersPayTeachers
2013-2014 Math Analysis (Pre-Cal) SSS packets
2012-2013 Algebra 1 SSS packets
Live form (view only)


  1. Crystal, you rocked my socks off and changed how I am going to apply this in August with my new semester. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sharing, you are amazing and appreciated!

    1. Ken, It was SO great to finally meet you and I'm glad it was so helpful :) Let me know how everything goes!


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