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FlipCon14 Reflections - The Sessions Day 1 (Tuesday)

You can also see the collaborative session notes from other attendees here.

Keynote - Living in Beta - Molly Schroeder
I know I'm not going to hit everything that I loved, but Molly's keynote was really inspiring and thought-provoking.  Here are a few things I jotted down on my iPad and a few tweets that I liked...

  • Digital learning doesn't always mean we are on our devices
  • There is a time/need for a lot of different spaces in learning. Learning includes some direction instruction, community share and individual work #flipcon14
    • There is a time for direct instruction.
    • A lot of the learning can happen in the community space and through discussion and collaboration. 
    • Then there is a time for "cave moments" when you just need to think and process by yourself.
  • “It’s not the technology; it’s HOW you USE the technology that can increase critical thinking and student learning.” #flipcon14
  • Digital Learning consists of three things - content, collaboration, create.
    • Learning is a circle of content, collaboration, and creating
      • So many ways to digitally deliver content to students asynchronously
      • Tools/Apps
        • Socrative
        • Lucid chart
        • Todaysmeet
        • Polleverywhere
        • Prezi
        • Quad blog
        • Google
        • Wonder book (global book club)
      • Learning spaces are not always set up for collaboration
    • CREATE
  • We should be encouraging students to have a digital footprint
  • We need to create projects and activities that allow students to think, make (show me what you know, don't just tell me), improve
  • The final product is not the assessment, but the realization that you have learned more.
  • The future is not a multiple choice question... It's a design challenge
  • Dream it, Design it, Do it *most important part
  • I have a process... I commit to it, and then I figure out how to do that
  • Am I a future ready teacher?
      • Courageous leadership
      • Empowered teachers
      • Student agency
      • Inspiring spaces
      • Infrastructure (access to technology they need, does it work when it needs to work)
  • "Technology is like oxygen, it's just something there"
  • Stuck on an Escalator Video
  • Moonshot Thinking Video
  • Resources to check out
    • Google maps engine lite- import data from google form and it will plot it on the map
    • Check out

Networking by Subjects
I was able to meet and chat with James Karr, a 7th grade online math teacher, and Shelly Depalmer, a math teacher who has wanted to start flipping for several years now, about getting started with #flipclass, how to make videos, organizing content, and lots of other stuff.  I also got Shelly signed up for Twitter (and made sure she got rid of her egghead profile picture and added a bio!), so go follow her!

Tuesday Lunch - Book Signing
If you weren't able to purchase the new book Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement, you can get it online! It looks like it's still "pre-order" online, so I'm not sure when it will officially be released.  All I can say is that I read it on the plane ride home and my first couple days back and finished it so inspired and absolutely honored to call these co-authors a part of my PLN. 

Make sure to follow these Flipped Educators on Twitter! 
Jon Bergmann  
Aaron Sams  
April Gudenrath  
Jason Hahnstadt  
Steve Kelly  
Brian Bennett  
Delia Bush 
Kristin Daniels
Tom Driscoll  
Carolyn Durley

Session A - Walking the Walk - Natalie Drake
  • @drakeIRT
  • Join flipped pd group on the Ning
  • Follow #flippedpd on twitter, chat twice a month
  • Ideas:
    • Create a YouTube video channel for teachers
    • Lots of links to research that you can give to admin to support it
      • Have teachers act like a student and actually do a WSQ. Show them the information you get from it. Google form- what type of device they used, can select time and date of when they watched the video (even though time stamped, that is on submission and not when they finished video)
    • Give them a pre video that goes over some of the basic info that they need to know.  Then when you have the conference you can can have a conversation about what they thought and their questions.
    • Can also give feedback via a video screencast going over stuff
    • How to- schedule an outlook appointment on another calendar- link in her presentation

Session B - Peer Instruction
Troy Faulkner and Rob Warneke
  • Lots of second iterations of flipclass
    • Mastery, EFA, problem- or project- based
    • Troy's second iteration was peer instruction
  • Two parts of education
    • Transference of information
    • Assimilation of information
  • Tips for Peer Instruction
    • When they discuss their answer, you want them to be discussing with someone who DISAGREES, so you can have more in depth, higher order conversations
    • They don't always have students get up out of their chairs.
    • Give time limit for discussion

Panel Session (will watch on archive)

Learning Lounge - TouchCast
  • We wanted to spend a little time learning about some new apps and programs in the Learning Lounge so we skipped out on the panel and explored the hallway.
  • I had just learned about TouchCast last week... it is pretty cool!  Basically, you can have a video but then bring up all types of media while the video is playing and then students can continue to watch the video and explore the media all on the same screen.  It will make more sense if you just watch one or play around with it.
  • I was privileged to be interviewed for a "FlipCon14 TouchCast", which you can see here.  If you click "next" or "back", you can see a bunch more interviews from others at FlipCon14.

There are lots of other sessions from Monday I will be checking out in the archive and blogging about later!  Too much to do, too little time!

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