Monday, March 20, 2017

#CUE17 Takeaways - as told by my tweets

I had a great time sharing and learning at #CUE17 this last Thurs-Sat.  While I was busy presenting (4 sessions and 1 workshop this year!) a lot of the time, I was still able to attend the keynotes and 2 concurrent sessions.

The keynotes by Jo Boaler and George Couros left me feeling, "All my teachers need to hear this!!"

 I also appreciated the questions that attendees posed in my questions that furthered my thinking and continued to expose me to other perspectives.  You can see all my session resources at

Here are my tweets that show my biggest takeaways from the conference: 

 Comment: "I'm not really into tech"
Answer: "It's not about U,it's about the kids!"
Stop using excuses 4not innovating in your clsrm! #cue17
— Crystal Kirch (@crystalkirch) March 17, 2017

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