Monday, February 27, 2017

CUE is coming soon! Hope to see you there...

If you are attending CUE 2017 in Palm Springs, I would love to see you there!  Here is where I'll be sharing...

Thurs 10am-1pm Flipping Your Class from Start to Finish (Sched Link)
  Flipped Learning is not about watching videos - it's about getting time back in your classroom to deepen the learning experience. Come start your journey in this hands-on, collaborative workshop. Participants need to bring in their own device.

My goal for this three hour workshop is that participants think and reflect about what flipped learning is all about, and then have guidance in designing and effective flipped learning lesson / workflow.  My plan is also to have some "tech" time for learning best practices with screencasting and actual have participants create / submit a mini-lesson. 

Thurs 3:30pm-4:30pm Don't Flop Your Flip: Common Pitfalls When Flipping Your Class (Sched Link)
  There’s no one right way to flip a class, but there are sure-fire ways to make it fail. We will address the common pitfalls and provide you with solutions to overcome them. 

I've got 11 pitfalls I'm hoping to focus on right now, as well as trying a new way to engage the audience using the Padlet comment feature.  Brand new through experience flipping teachrers will be able to learn from, relate to, and benefit from this session.

Friday 10am-11am Allow Your Students to Take Charge Through Student-Led Tech Teams (Sched Link) - with Jaclyn Spangler
  Empower your students to be tech leaders. Learn how to facilitate a student-led tech team that will help teachers and students become more proficient technology users to enhance student learning. 

I'm in my third year advising the Student Tech Team at the school I work at.  It's not a class, and it's not a club - so we have learned a lot about how to effectively service the student body and grow the students to become confident tech leaders on campus.  This session will focus on the practical - what do you need to do to get started, what do you need to consider, and what will you run into along the way?

Saturday 9am-10am The Power of Reflective Coaching (Sched Link) - with Michelle Ciecek
  Coaching is a form of professional development that supports teachers on a reflective journey to becoming artful practitioners. Come learn how our coaching model has evolved to support continual growth. 

This is version 2.0 of a session Michelle & I did last year.  Our coaching model has continued to evolve as the culture of our schools has grown and as we are looking to build more capacity in our past fellows to become more confident leaders in sharing what they are doing.  This session will have very practical tips and resources for any coaching program, and provide ideas for how to continue to move forward.

Saturday 10:30am-11:30am You Got Flipping Questions?  We Got Flipping Answers! (Sched Link) - with Kate Baker
  Trying to wrap your head around effectively implementing flipped learning strategies with your students? Experience flipping firsthand in an inquiry-based flipped lesson. This session is 100% designed around YOUR questions! 

Kate and I are very excited about this session.  We are designing a flipped inquiry lesson around effective flipped lessons that all attendees with participate in, and will use that to launch the discussion based around participant needs.

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