Saturday, May 14, 2016

Book Notes & Reflections: The Art of Coaching (Chapter 15: What is Professional Development for Coaches?)

I've never blogged my notes and thoughts through a book, but I figure there's never a better time than NOW!

My goal is to create a reference & reflective place for me as I continue growing as a coach.

See my notes from all book chapters on my Coaching Page.

Direct quotes from the book are in blue.
  • "In order for coaching to be maximized and to deliver on its potential, coaches will need formalized, systematized structures in which to learn together" (page 268)
  • The leader of a team should be a highly experienced coach
  • PD for coaches: focus on refining coaching skills
  • Rubric included for self-assessment & reflection (in Appendix C of book, or on her website here).  Includes domains of:
    • Knowledge base
    • Relationships
    • Strategic Design - 
      • How do you design and then actually use work plans?  They should be guiding every step of the way.   
      • Also, how you plan for conversations - this means both preparing and practicing.
    • Coaching Conversations
      • Use audio / video to analyze coaching conversations.  Think about how much I talk, wait time, what type of questions I'm asking, what stances I take, etc.  Think about how the client responded to the choices I made.
      • Focus on listening without attachment - this means not going into a conversation hoping for a certain result or that the client will do what we want them to do.  We can't be attached to outcome; we must stay attached to the outcome of equity.
    • Strategic Actions
    • Coach as Learner
  • Learning activities for growth:
    • Role-Plays (include coach, client, and observer)
    • Consultancies - structured process to help someone think through a problem.

Thanks for learning along with me!

PS - now that I'm done with this, Elena Aguilar has fully updated her website and included a READER'S GUIDE with reflection questions.  Now I feel like going back through and re-blogging all this... but, with Baby #2 coming in less than a month, that may be a little delayed.  Check out the Reader's Guide from her website here.  I'll update all of my chapter posts as I have time to go back through the reflective prompts.

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