Friday, March 18, 2016

CUE#16 Notes - Friday- Tools You Can Use Tomorrow (Leslie Fisher)

I'm only writing about tools that have new notes or things to think through.  See entire presentation here.


  • Kahoot... really?!?!?! (sorry, not a fan anymore)
    • try Quizizz or Quizalize for a game-based, competitive assessment tool that actually gives better real-time, authentic data that can affect your instruction
    • At least she says "don't use it to grade your kids" 
    • Good ideas
      • "Selfie Kahoot" - make a Kahoot about yourself to introduce your students.  Then have the students each make a question about themselves and add it to a class Kahoot. 
      • "Blind Kahoot" - use it at the beginning of class to see what they know with an emphasis on honest answers so teacher knows where they are at (don't mark any right answers then???)
        • use Ghost mode again at the end of class and students compete against themselves to see how they have improved
        • It looks like you have access to all of your Kahoots so you don't have to remember to download that data right after you finish the quiz.  That's an update!  This is where you launch ghost mode and have them join in the same session
          • Need to check? -  if a student logs off how do they get connected to their same account??
  • Quizizz
    • "homework mode"
    • self-paced
    • much better for data and assessing
    • I already use this
  • EdPuzzle (or Zaption / Educanon since our district has filters with EdPuzzle)
    • Can add audio notes
    • Need to do a sample one and see how it works with our filter and see what limits there are to uploading own videos

Classroom Communication (nothing new)

Content Creation

  • Look at SeeSaw

Photo and Video (nothing new)

Teacher Productivity (didn't get to)

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