Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reflections on Recent Readings (weekly)

    • As a coach, my priority is not what device or technology tool a teacher uses (although, I do, of course have my own opinions about what works best for learning), my priority is the teacher’s mindset. I’m not marketing a gadget, I’m marketing a belief about teaching and learning, and a pedagogical approach to learning with technology.
      • What an important point (see quote)!  I run a lot of PD sessions and work with fellows on different tools, but all of it is embedded with mindset / purpose / intentionality / pedagogy.  Why would we use this?  How would it make things more effective, efficient, engaging, or enjoyable (my 4 E's of technology use)?  The image in below this quote is so powerful!
    • in order to be successful in marketing to the mainstream population, we can’t market our product the same way to both groups.
    • Basically the early adopters will buy in because of the new and exciting nature of the innovation – even if it’s not perfect yet and still has kinks to be worked out, which is a fun and easy part of a coach’s job. The problem is that the mainstream market wants to see a complete product, practical applications, and know exactly how it will work (and that it will work consistently). This is not an easy task when we’re actually really talking about good pedagogy, but we’re perceived to be talking about technology.
  • "Try flipping your class with quizzes to drive, not measure, learning" This is such an important quote! Quizzes should not be "gotcha" moments, but rather great opportunities to gather feedback on where students currently are at in relation to where you want them to be. If you do give a quiz when kids come in to class, is it a "gotcha" or "I hope you watched it" or a "measurement" of their learning? Or is it a way for you to drive what will happen that day (and the following days) in class?
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