Sunday, October 11, 2015

Success of the Week: TeachMeet Beckman

I decided to run a mini TeachMeet at our staff meeting this last week.  When I say "mini", I mean we had three 2-minute sessions of teachers sharing something awesome they do in their classes with technology followed by 1-minute of reflection and debriefing with colleagues.  It was a "test" to see the reaction, and to see if it's a model we want to continue to use.

It. Was. Awesome.

The 3 teachers each made 2-3 slides under the headings of "What I do" and "Three Reasons Why It's Awesome".

I asked for feedback from the staff and got so much positive feedback both in person and via email.  Here are just a few of their comments:

Teachmeet was a great way to see how others actually use technology and gives us ideas on how to use it ourselves in a non-threatening and non-committal manner. 

The TeachMeet format is terrific.  I kind of compare it to a verbal Twitter:  short, meaningful, designed to make an impact.  I suggest we have at least one or two of these two minute TeachMeet's every time we have a staff meeting (and, yes, that means that I will volunteer to present one myself at some point!) 

That was so much fun today! 

I encourage you to try out a mini-TeachMeet at your next Staff Meeting!  We are doing another one this next week!

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