Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why I haven’t blogged much this year…

I’ve struggled this year with blogging.  I’ve talked about it with several colleagues, and my thinking has been that it is more difficult to reflect on my practice in a public forum now that it is not about my classroom, but about my work with other teachers.   I have been trying to find a framework from which to blog from, and am really hoping to get back into it next year by sharing lessons and strategies that we implement and possibly having my fellows guest blog as they reflect on their practice.  Where I struggle is that I always strive to be authentic and reflective – discussing both my successes and my failures.  I don’t feel like it is appropriate to discuss others successes and failures.  It is my goal to find a happy medium, as I’ve learned so much from coaching and truly believe it is the most valuable form of professional development that a school or district could implement.
It’s gone through my mind – if I’m not blogging, does that mean I haven’t been reflecting this year?  

I consider myself a highly reflective educator.  I ask my fellows to be reflective and to journal on our process.  Why am I not doing the same? I feel like I have had to find other ways this year to reflect and grow since I haven’t written most of it down. Thankfully, I have had an amazing group of colleagues who are really open to sharing, learning, growing, and reflecting on our practice.   When I was in the classroom, I was on an island.  My only form of connection was through finding colleagues on Twitter and reflecting on the forum that this blog has become.  Now, I feel lucky and blessed that I have people I can connect with in person who understand my role and purpose as a Digital Learning Coach.  I’m not sure if any of my colleagues read my blog, but if so… thank you for being such amazing partners in collaboration as we work together to support teachers!

In conclusion, blogging is not the only form of reflection.  However, there is huge value in taking the time to actually write things down.  There is also tremendous benefits from going back and reading what you have written (which you can’t do if it’s just a conversation).  So, my goal is to begin to find ways to reflect and actually blog again as I go through this summer of sharing and learning at conferences and begin my second year as a Digital Learning Coach.  Please check in with me – hold me accountable – and challenge me and stretch me in this goal.

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