Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Creative Commons

I've known I wanted to put Creative Commons licensing on my stuff for several years now... but every time I went to creativecommons.org I just got a little confused and overwhelmed and didn't really understand what it all meant.

I stumbled across this infographic on flippedlearning.org today and it really broke it down and made it SO SIMPLE!  So... if you haven't yet put CC licensing on your "stuff" yet, do so today!

You can grab the HTML code once you make your selections at "Add a Gadget" to your blogspot to add it wherever you want.  You can also screencapture the CC licensing image to include on any of your other documents.

See the infographic here.


  1. Thanks Crystal. I shared your blog with my instructional technology class. I have Technology Law and Policy this summer.

    Are you putting this on your blog and videos or just documents?

    1. Hi Stacy, thanks for sharing! I was excited to come across something that actually made sense to me in terms of CC.
      I put it on all of my blogs (this one, and the ones that host all of my videos). As I make different documents, I'm planning on putting it on them as well. I love to share, I just want attribution, and hopefully this will make it more clear to others of those expectations :)


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