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Trig is...

According to this year's students, Trig is...

More specifically,
What was your FAVORITE part about Trig (Units N-T)? Why?

My favorite part about trig was the formulas for example the tan=sin/cos. It was my favorite part because they were easy to remember.
I like unit t cosine and sin graphs. They are simple :)
the unit circle because it was easy.
My favorite part about trig is unit Q, verifying because it's challenging , but I feel accomplished when I solve one.
using sohcahtoa because it was something i was familiar with from algebra 2
Everything makes sense and is somehow connected with each other. Unit circle, identities, etc... In addition, its going to be useful later on,
perhaps in calc or certain careers.
My favorite part was the easy parts. (trig ratios)
My favorite part of trig would be the unit circle because it was probably the most basic and easiest to wrap my head around.
My favorite part was using the ratios to find missing pieces of non-right triangles. It was my favorite part because I liked doing the problems
 to find all the missing pieces
i love graphing trig functions
my favorite part about trig, was unit p, we solving sides and degrees of triangles.
My favorite part was Unit Q concept 5 because it was like a puzzle and I enjoyed taking it apart and replacing with things that still make
sense but still mean the same thing.
My favorite part of trig was probably Unit Q because we were able to convert different trig functions into other ones; it's like they're all
My favorite part about Trig was identifying and verifying because it was simply like algebra. My other favorite is also understanding the
 graphs why it looks like a certain way.
the unit circle. because everything relates to it.
My favorite part were the identities because they were extremely helpful during the test and it might seem like a lot to memorize but
after tons of practice, it gets drilled into your brain.
Unit O was my favorite because it was so easy and I learned a lot from it.
My favorite part about Trig was Unit Q. Unit Q was more like a puzzle trying to verify trig identities which seemed fun to me.
My favorite part about Trig is the unit circle because it connects with everything.
Well, when you work on the problems, you see every concept come together.
When we did triangles.
I liked the Unit Circle because I saw how there are so many things that end up tying back to it.
the unit circle and how it comes into play in so many other things. I didn't know what it was used for before, i just memorized it.
the trig on how r equals 1 and how it relates to the unit circle all of it.
Finding all of the parts to it before graphing
unit N, because i understood the material a lot better because it was less complex.
I like the little chant of radical three over two, one half,etc. because it help me remember the ordered pairs.
Unit N
Unit N with the unit circle because it was interesting finding all the derivations,
Actually understanding what I was looking at so I could do better on the test.
My favorite part would be actually understanding this unit a bit more than I have but it would also have to be seeing the connection
 among these units.
The Unit Circle
the ratios and how they all somehow relate to one another such as secant and cosine.
My favorite part was seeing certain parts of trigonometry connect with other parts because I like when things connect together.
My favorite part was using the ratios to get a certain value on the unit circle.
the unit circle!!! patterns are your friend
working out the different concepts like verifying them and now graphing it because it really brings everything together
I like unit t concept 1-2 because it is simple and easy to learn.
unit n-putting- using the ratios and finding the degrees because i thought it was easy.
i like how in unit n everything seemed confusing but as we went on it had a lot of shortcuts and got easier
My favourite part of Trig is finding the domain and range because they are mostly very simple.
i like that unit T was short ^.^
My favorite part about Trig is how to draw the graphs because all you need to find is the labels and values and then you can just graph it!
I liked learning about how they are all connected. It was interesting to see how certain things like the unit circle related to future concepts.
i liked unit n a lot because i thought it was pretty cool with the unit circle and stuff.
Unit n concepts 8-9 although they were a challenge I enjoyed converting between radians and regular numbers to fins what quadrant
 the angle was in.
Seeing the colorful parts is my favorite part and understanding what is going on and the relation between the unit circle.
My favorite part was graphing tan and cot trig functions. favorite parts were the ones that i actually understood because it feels good not bbeing clueless
it was challenging
I like how it relates to each other. For example triq function is all relates to the unit circle and the graph
I like unit t very much because we basically do the same thing in each graph but we do different steps in each of our graphs. They
are all similar in a different way, if that makes sense.
My favorite part was actualling understanding the ratios. And most parts of unit circle.
Simplifying the equations by using the identities was easy and was not at all hard to learn
My favorite part of Trig is learning how the Unit Circle relate to the graphs.
Favorite part was learning new ways we can use the unit circle
Verifying or simplifying
Unit Q because everything correlates together and you can cancel or simplify.

What was your LEAST FAVORITE part about Trig (Units N-T)? Why?

My least favorite part was the graphing. The graphing was really confusing for me because of the marks.
I HATED UNIT N. I don't know.. I think because I'm not good at doing math when the methods are ambiguous. I like using a system.
this part because it's hard to explain how it relates to everything else.
My least favorite part is Unit N, finding the exact value of trig functions because it easy to make mistakes.
using identities because it was difficult for me to memorize them and manipulate them to turn into something else
All the memorization we had to do. At first, it might overwhelm someone with all the information you need to know, but with practice,
 it gets a bit easier.
The identities.
My least favorite part about trig would be the identities and using them to verify trig equations with identities because that was crazy
 difficult to manage.
My least favorite part was Unit Q. I did not get identities much , I found them difficult.
i dislike solvig for all of the needed parts
My least favorite thing about trigs was also in Unit P with solving word problems, and graphing trigs too from unit T.
The least favorite part of mine was unit Q concept 4 because I would get confused with the zero product property and I had to keep
referring back to my Unit Circle.
My least favorite part about trig is NOTHING. Just kidding. I really don't like Unit T right now because I hate graphing the functions
and having to remember all the components of the graphs.
My least favorite was trying to find the asymptotes for tangent and cotangent because I forget what to do easily.
the unit circle. because everything relates to it.
My least favorite would also be the identities because even though I liked them, it was a bit tough to master the problem-solving.
It's a love-hate relationship :)
T is confusing to graph, I can't get the marks right and sometimes confuses me with cosecant and secant.
My least favorite part is Unit T. There are too many different rules for each graph to memorize.
My least favorite part about trig is graphing it. It is kind of confusing.
asymptotes in Unit T
When we did circles
I was not a fan of the whole ASA,SSS,AAS etc because it was just something I found complicated.
Proofs. Because it took different paths to solve them and you could easily get stuck on some.
memorizing it and knowing the whole unit circle because if we dont know the unit circle then you couldnt really do the trigs.
This unit.. unit T. It is my least favorite because there are soo many parts and their really complicated.
Remembering little details because I forgot how those little details because to be so. For example, I forgotten why tan and cot graphs
do not amplitudes.
Unit q
Unit Q because I was really confused by it all and the identities just didn't make sense to me.
i have yet to find a problem.
Looking at the problems at first and not realizing what I was looking at.
The Unit Q test...identities made sense, I guess I need to think out the box a bit more then.
graphing because there are always multiple parts to a graph.
My least favorite part was doing the graphs because I got confused on some parts.
My least favorite part was Unit Q.
verifying them because of the different steps you need to take.
I dislike unit Q because it was the most difficult test by far. The concept was just difficult to catch on.
proofs- i thought that they required a lot of time.
the smallest mistake or number could mess the entire thing up leasing you to frustration
I don't like graphing the equations because the markers can get so complicated.
trying to memorize all that stuff into my brain >.<
My least favorite part about Trig is just how much time put into it. It takes so long finding the labels and making sure it's correct before
you graph this.
The graphing is a little time consuming and can get a little messy. I've always struggled with graphing to begin with, so it was a little
i didn't like unit q because of the identities and how they were so much like proofs from geometry.
Unit q I just never fully understood it.
Learning everything at first because it is very confusing. Learning the small multiple step part that's what i dislike because i feel like
 it just confuses me at some point but then i understand the logic behind it.
Doing the identities was my least favorite part.
My least favorite is the mulit-steps because i just get messed up and have to start over again
a lot of confusing parts to it
having to do multiple steps to graph
The least favorite thing is plotting the graph. I'm OK at solving but once we get to the graph I get confused on which points we are
 suppose to graph.
Graphing them, because im not good with graphs.
Where we had to solve for an answer and the stuff we are doing now with unit T is really confusing
My least favorite part about Trig was learning about the asymptotes for tangent and cotangent graphs.
All the things we had to memorize
Many equations we have to memorize
My least favorite part about trig is unit T, because I can't do it by myself. And I hate graphs.

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