Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 8 Reflections - Thanks for a great activity, Zach & Steve!

I finally got to my trig verification unit and I was super excited to use the activity my colleagues (from Twitter!) shared about a few months ago.  (See the post here)

A few notes about how I did it:

  • Student had already done simple verification problems and had worked with identities for about a week before today.  The night before, they watched a short intro video where I went over different strategies and approaches to consider.  They did not see any problems worked out, just the intro.
  • I made 2 copies of each identity, and I made one of my own so I had 6 identities, 12 folders. I have 6 tables so that's why I made an extra one.
  • I also gave each group a stack of sticky notes and on the left side of the verification, they had to write the identity used or the algebraic step needed to move to the next part.
  • Once they think they had it right, they called me over and I either approved them, gave them a few tips/suggestions (for example, if their sticky notes didn't use the proper vocab or terminology needed), or if they didn't have it right I gave them some tips and went to the next table.  Once approved, they snapped a picture of it (for accountability purposes; one person in each group had to email me their set of 6 pictures), marked their group off on the board (I forgot to take a picture of this, but I just made a table with their group names on the left and the problem colors on the top and they got to put an "x" in the box when they were done - it made it a fun competition, too), and then they traded out for a new color.
Things to change for next year:
  • There were 2 identities that were much shorter than the others, similar to the ones we had done at the beginning of the unit.  I want to change those to make them longer/harder like the rest.
  • I purposely did not really give many directions.  I just told them they had six "trig challenges" to do and told them to get a folder.  I only had one group all day that didn't really understand what to do.  I was hoping for them to notice the "verify" that would start the problem and then all the equals signs and the fact that the right side never changed.  I don't think I will give detailed directions next year, just check in with the groups individually and make sure they are on the right track.
Overall thoughts
  • The students seemed to love it.  We now have 3 more days of just practice with these before they have their assessment.  I'm looking forward to how it will go tomorrow in class.
  • This was the most engaging, interactive, and active 54 minutes we've had in a while. The period FLEW by!
A few pictures from the day...






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  1. I'm so glad this went well for you! I like the idea of using sticky notes and the board where students check off the ones they've completed. It's so neat to see this in action across the country and to see your improvements! Thanks for sharing how it went!


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