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Un-intended student survey

My online WSQs are set up with four guided summary questions.  Because of all the scripts (FormEmailer, VLookup, ImportRange, etc) that I use, it's easiest to keep them all the same number of questions.  However, sometimes I don't have four questions about math I want them to think about.  So, I ask them random questions.  A lot of times, they turn into my favorite part to read.

One night this week, my students were asked:

3. What have you learned most about yourself as a student this year in math class?

A lot of what I got back was pretty darn amazing... (besides the overwhelming amount of students who said they learned that they are lazy and procrastinators with poor time management...).  We aren't even halfway through the year and my students have learned some of what I think is the most important stuff I want them to learn all year.

  •  I can really hit low point and then I can redeem myself, but it will be really hard. I always need to study a lot before a test. Also, I learned that even though I have the amazing opportunity to re-assess, I would rather do good the first time around
  • that i can do better than what i thought i can
  • That I am a beast. I got an A so far on every test with minimal studying and it feels great. Obviously I don't want to sound arrogant because I don't know what's in store for me in the future, but as of now I'm doin pretty good.
  • I learned that I can become a mathematician! Not a cheesebucket
  • I also learned that you can understand the concepts easily if you actually devote more time into the videos and take notes.
  • I must try my best and go to tutoring when I don't understand the concept.
  • That I can be set responsible for what I choose to learn and I myself can control my own learning methods.
  • I can focus very well and manage time wisely.
  • That this method of learning actually helps and its taught me about being responsible in order to earn an A.
  • I learned that you have to put in the effort to get a lot out of it. It also takes time and practices a lot.
  • I have learned that I work well in groups, and that the structure of the flipped classroom works well for me (when done right, that is.)
  • I've learned how to prepare myself for test or projects better.
  • I work more efficiently using the videos than just getting book work. I also do better studying a little bit of concepts every day before the test.
  • I can succeed if I pay close attention and turn in work.
  • I learned about myself as a student this year in math class is that I can learn through remakes of songs.
  • I work best at my own pace.
  • I am a scholar among scholars
  • I have learned that if I try my best and if I am responsible enough, I can get an outstanding grade if I put in the effort to. 
  • Integrity and perseverance.
  • as a student this year in math class I have learned that I work better in a home environment. Before, if i didn't understand in class i would shy away and just keep going through the material because I was scared to ask the teacher to repeat herself. Now, if i dont understand I just go look at the concept video again.
  • If I put in the time I can learn many things.
  • I have learned that if I try hard I can achieve anything.
  • I have learned that if i put my mind to it i can achieve it, but if i don't put effort into my work things go down hill.
  • I can be productive!
  • I could be lazy and procrastinate on turning in homework but still try to get work done.
  • I have learned that even when I am in the worst of situations, I can take a shovel and dig myself out.
  • I can achieve A's in math and not settle for B's, I just have to put in the effort and have a good teacher - the change in the flipped classroom opened me up to learning and just changed my perspective.
  • I don't have time to write an essay on this right now but just know that I have a huge answer for this LOL. But just for the sake of time, I have learned that I am able to do many of these extra things in math class and they will only benefit me in the long run.
  • I should really review more because eventually its going to come back and hit your grade hard. Besides that Prefer learning at home.
  • never underestimate yourself.
  • I've learned there are possibilities of liking math
  • I have learned, that i need to be mentally, physically(those stairssss), and spiritually ready for class, in order to be the best me i can be. you can do anything if you just believe. winners never quit, quitters never win. no pain, no gain. technology is your friend. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. It all comes down to right now, it's up to us. we gotta work it out, turn it on. Gotta get it together. It's now or never. The way we learn tonight, is what we leave behind. work togetherrr. It's time to turn it up, game on. It all comes down to right now, it's up to us. gotta work it out.
  • flipped classrooms like Mrs. Kirch's i like
  • I have learned that I am very lazy compared to last year.
  • That I am not as smart or confident as I thought I was. I do not know the things that I need to in time and I am extremely lazy. I find that I constantly disappoint myself.
  • That asking for help will defensively raise your grade.  [I think he meant “definitely”]
  • I really do like math and I'm good at it, I'm just really lazy ):
  • I suck at time management
  • that if i really try hard, i could be good at math.
  • My study habits are not as effective as I thought they were.
  • As a student this year, I learned to manage my time. I also learned to be more open in my troubles in the concepts.
  • I learned that asking for help right away is the best thing to do. I also learned to be patient and be able to handle all this since this is my first flip class. I also learned that practing and studying help me so much to understand the material.
  • to try things out before saying i hate it.
  • I can succeed if I try my hardest.
  • I have a short attention span
  • I work better when there is people that motivate that motivate me around me. 
  • I learned that even though I'm lazy, I can get things done... slowly but eventually.
  • That I can be lazy at times but I need to keep motivated
  • I need to practice on my own in order to understand the material.
  • I need to remained focused and try to remain on task at home.
  • I learned that I'm not that good in using technology, other than that I learned that the flip classroom can be helpful when used in the right way.
  • I learned several new video watching skills that have helped me take more information out of watching your videos. I learned that even though i am not use to the video watching for my learning that i learn to cope.
  • I really dislike turning things in late.
  • I have learned that time management is very important and not to fall behind.
  • Frustrating when I don't understand it, but satisfying when I do.
  • I'm pretty good at math, but I should probably do the practice quizzes at least once in a while. I should also control myself when someone challenges me to a math-off and I lose, I get pretty mad not gonna lie.
  • im actually somewhat a math person
  • Take away my friends, and my grades shall rise.
  • That putting in that extra effort really works and that although i have always loved math, i love it even more
  • Time management is something I lack.
  • Math isn't as easy as it used to be.
  • Nothing has really change. My passion for math still hasnt change
  • Procrastinator and I need to work a little bit more harder.
  • I really can get my grade up if i really want to
  • To not put off the WSQ's and studying!
  • I've learned that if I want to do good I have to at least try
  • This year in math class I have learned that solving problems for others (SP, SV, and WPP) truly demonstrates if I have mastered a concept.
  • I need to accept people's help.
  • What I learned most about myself this year in math class is that I have learned so many new techniques and real-world application toward my school work and life. I have also learned to become more responsible and dedicated to my work.
  • i better not slack because if i do mrs. Kirch will get mad
  • i learned that the more practice and by doing the work i get better grades.
  • i am a very lazy person that procrastinates and should do my work
  • Take responsibility for my own learning at my own pace.
  • I learned that I am capable of getting a good grade in this class if I just asked for help.

Oh, and one of the other questions was

4. Tell me something cool

Here's some amazing facts...
(besides the students who told me that "ice" was cool... and lots of other more personal accomplishments they had the opportunity to share!)

  • People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, you're heart stops for a mili-second.
  • Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, in the world a duck is always watching you.
  • Sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don't drift away from one another. ^_^
  • 200 species die each day.
  • The very first food eaten by a U.S astronaut in outer space was applesauce, according to
  • It takes 364 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
  • Michael Clifford is pikachu and he's the coolest person ever because he has reverse skunk hair.
  • -Kirch. #nufsaid
  • there is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus
  • How do you make a tissue dance?
  • Putting a little boogie to it!
  • Batman is a fluent speaker and reader in over fifteen languages; including: Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and Kryptonian (Superman's planet's native language (even though the planet was destroyed years before even Superman knew about it))
  • "Isaac Newton invented Integral and Differential Calculus. THEN HE TURNED 26...My man, Sir Isaac Newton"
  • -Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • We never really physically touch anything, it is simply the electrons repelling each other to crest what we believe is counter balancing or forces..... I think .. idk some guy told me this and it seems pretty believable haha.
  • During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that's the weight of about 6 elephants
  • The very first lemon seeds in the Americas were brought over from Europe by Christopher Columbus.
  • The Amazon rainforest produces half of the world's oxygen supply.

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