Saturday, August 17, 2013

Intro to #flipclass for the new year

I decided to make some changes to my "Intro Packet" for this year.  In years past, I have had:

  • Syllabus
  • Student "checklist"
  • Flipped Class Letter
  • Student Information Survey
  • ... probably more!
Talk about crazy overwhelming stack of papers for students!

So, this year, I decided to put it all in one 3 page (Front and back) packet.  I struggled with deciding if it was too much, but with all the consolidation, I'm happy with it for now and will see how the feedback goes this year to make changes for next year.

So, here are some links!  Feel free to utilize any of this as a resource for making your own.
(I do ask that you don't just copy this word for word though...just like we would teach our students :))


  1. Crystal! I really like the visuals on you Intro Packet - a picture really is worth 1000 words. It is wonderful. Awesome stuff, as always! Your organization exemplifies what we all want for our students, and as always, you rock with the acronyms.


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