Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maternity Leave = Year #2 is over for me!

The time has come... I am officially on maternity leave!  Yes, it's one week earlier than planned due to some medical issues, but it is surreal that I won't be going back into my classroom until about August 20th.  It also makes it so much more real that BK is coming in just about a month... or less!

My Math Analysis students threw me a "surprise" Baby Shower on Friday (I found out about it on Thursday, since I wasn't supposed to leave until NEXT Friday...I threw off all their plans when I told them Thursday that "tomorrow is my last day".) I was so blessed by them, their gifts, but more importantly just their words of thanks from this year.  It makes all the hard work and time that I put into teaching worth it.

I do have "blog about the year" on my maternity to-do list (and since I'm on bedrest, I may find the time), but I am leaving it up in the air depending on how things go.  I may also be pretty slow in replying to emails, so please utilize my archives as well as the amazing twitter community with questions regarding Flipped Learning during this time :).  Thank you for your understanding.

Looking forward to jumping back into flipping next fall!  I have learned a lot in the last two years and always look forward to a fresh start to try and implement some new things and take what I've learned to tweak the things I'm already doing.

I guess after calling them cheesebuckets all year they can give me this award ;)

Just some of what my students blessed me with!

Here's me at 35 weeks!

They made me a "yearbook" - very special!

Thanks for reading!

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